Peter Reynolds Watch

Peter Reynolds - the leader of CLEAR aka Cannabis Law Reform

Peter Reynolds

Peter Reynolds Watch is dedicated to exposing the racist, homophobic and antiSemitic UK politician Peter Reynolds, police informant, fraudster and leader of CLEAR – Cannabis Law Reform.

PRWatch was launched following Peter Reynolds’ decision to stand in the Corby By-election, as a candidate for CLEAR.

Peter Reynolds took over the old Legalise Cannabis Allicance (LCA) in 2011 under false pretences. Since then he has gained a reputation as liar, bully and a police informer who has regularly grassed up medicinal cannabis consumers.

In particular, we will be holding Peter Reynolds to account for his anti-Semitism, racism and homophobia. We will report on his petty complaints to the police against anybody who dares to question or criticise him.

Reynolds is an habitual liar who often makes outlandish claims, gross exaggerations and downright lies. Lies from Reynolds include lying about working Prof David Nutt and lying about working with Rick Simpson, lying about the number of CLEAR members and lying that his racist blog entries were forgeries. When Peter Reynolds tells a lie, we will expose it, as well as keeping an eye on other racist CLEAR activists such as Peter Reynolds’ friend Graham Smith.

All information on PR Watch has been checked and verified. orby by election

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