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Global Cannabis Research Group drops CLEAR

Reynolds and CLEAR dropped like a hot potato Author: Kevin John Braid Earlier this month, a number of cannabis activists were alarmed to discover an article on CLEAR’s web site calling for cannabis cultivators to take part in a growers survey. Cannabis consumers and growers were obviously very concerned that …

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CLEAR, Corby and Statistically Insignificant Margins

Author: James Collins CLEAR, or Cannabis Law Reform, or just Peter if you like, has run for office in Corby.  He is quite proud of the election results.  A whopping 137 people voted for Peter in Corby.  That’s pretty exciting if you plan on staying in the “my parents shed” …

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Obama legalizes cannabis – lol

We received our first hate mail … Someone Filled Out Your Contact Form! Your Name: – jeremy smith Your Email – j****s********1@hotmail.co.uk Your Message: – The only reason you have this site, is because you know that if peter was in a position to make a difference, he would most …

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