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Reynolds gets Facebook to censor his critics

… and Derek Williams makes a tit of himself (again!) Authors: James Collins and Kevin John Braid Last week we reported on the hilarious revelation Peter Reynolds had been posing as an investigative reporter called James Clay, trying to dig non-existent dirt on one of his many critics. Reynolds’ predictable …

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When it comes to Peter Reynolds, nothing is CLEAR

Author: Kevin John Braid My my, what a week it has been for der Führer of CLEAR, Cannabis Law Reform, James Clay, sorry I mean Peter Reynolds. What with impersonating a journalist, being dumb enough to get easily caught out impersonating a journalist, getting critical comments about him on Facebook deleted, …

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Peter Reynolds goes undercover

Author: James Collins It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole year.  We have now passed the first anniversary of CLEAR UK publishing a statement publicly calling blogger and activist Sarah McCulloch a “genetically confused half-werewolf half-woman”, thus escalating what was still then a minor conflict into a yearlong …

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Division in the UK Cannabis Movement

Author: Richard Shrubb Freelance sailing, health and social affairs journalist www.richardshrubb.co.uk OVER this piece I wish to discuss the division and infighting in the UK cannabis legalization movement. Many accuse the leader of Cannabis Law Reform party (CLEAR), Peter Reynolds for his divisive behaviour in causing this split. “Divide and conquer” is a proverb describing …

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Do you smell Cannabis Law Reform? I just smell rats.

Peter Reynolds’ mate threatens to report drug campaigners’ wife to her employers Author: James Collins Peter Reynolds is back in rare form once again, threatening to sue people.  I know, that doesn’t sound like news.  In fact, it can’t be news, because the root word in news is “new” – …

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