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Peter Reynolds & UKCIA remove defamation victory claims

Peter Reynolds and Derek Williams humiliated Author: Kevin John Braid A few weeks ago, a very boastful Peter Reynolds and his sidekick, Derek Williams, published articles on CLEAR, UKCIA and Reynolds’ own personal blog, claiming the first victory in his defamation cases. On Peter Reynolds’ blog he wrote that he …

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The Comical Bigotry of Peter Reynolds

Author: James Collins Peter Reynolds apparently now hates the Scottish.  Yes, the Scots.  What did they do to Peter?  Well, they don’t seem to like the UKIP much, as demonstrated by events in Edinburgh. So, Nigel Farage shows up in Edinburgh to do his thing, and protestors sent him packing.  …

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Peter Reynolds in the Sunday Times

By James Collins Peter Reynolds was in the Sunday Times.  The text of the article is below.  Did you read that?  Good.   Now we’re on the same page. Spliffs And Tiffs As The Cannabis Lobby Tears Itself Apart. By Oliver Thring. The Sunday Times, 12th May 2013 The winds of …

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