Peter Reynolds finally grows his column inches

Author: James Collins

If you think back a little bit you’ll remember that Peter Reynolds managed to make a splash in the press by appearing in the Jewish Chronicle.  Reporter Marcus Dysch interviewed Peter in response to his blog ranting about “evil Jews”, which he amended to “evil Israelis” at some point, and making various other statements of a dubious nature about the BBC running Diary of Anne Frank.

Here is the original article where Peter vehemently denies any anti-Semitic undertones, or overt ringing chords, and asserts that one of his best friends is Jewish.  You couldn’t make it up.  He’s like Stephen Colbert and his endless collection of badly Photoshopped pictures he uses as evidence that he is not racist.  It is a laughable cliché in modern times to say that your single friend of some given ethnicity is a license to make bigoted statements.

Sadly Peter Reynolds recently fell out of the pages of a terribly dated, and badly written, English novel.  He suffers from a condition which causes him to be manifestly unaware of the state of race relations in the 21st Century, and as such his thermostat for woefully offensive speech is completely miscalibrated.  It makes you wonder if there is a faded Polaroid floating around somewhere in a shoebox that features Peter in blackface, mugging for the camera wearing bib overalls and sporting a wedge of watermelon in one hand, and a bottle of malt liquor in the other.

Remember, his oldest friend is a “Jet-black Jamaican”.  He can do that kind of thing and it would all be in fun.

Life isn’t all race-baiting blogs and gross misinterpretations of commercial culture as a homosexual conspiracy.  It seems news of the lawsuit against Sarah McCulloch has reached the desk of the previously mentioned journalist Marcus Dysch, and he’s done a small write-up in the Jewish Chronicle about Peter and his failed lawsuit.  I’ll let you read it for yourself.  I can’t help but hearing a somewhat smug and satisfied tone in the article, but perhaps I’m imposing my own wry amusement on the text.

I suppose Peter will be suing the Jewish Chronicle now.  I understand he filed a PCC complaint against them for the first article about his blog, and subsequent denial of the content he provided.  I also understand that complaint was summarily rejected as baseless.  I’m sure the courts will be infinitely more sympathetic.  It isn’t like they’ve been previously tone-deaf to Peter’s self-satisfied declarations of white victimhood, right?

Peter Reynolds promises t leave-CLEAR.

Peter Reynolds promises on Facebook to relinquish his membership of CLEAR if he does turn out to be a homophobic racist bigot.

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Peter Reynolds finally grows his column inches — 6 Comments

  1. Why do you lot in here proceed so vigourously with attacking a man for his opinions, I also think Jews are evil so what it’s a free country Faux democracy, if you say a Jew is rich it’s classed at anti semitism – when factual evidence supports this, in regards to the Enoch Powell link, Peter is obviosly a working class man who has lived / seen what the previously nice / welcoming communities have become why again can’t he pass his view without bieng suject to you lot ganging up on him. Finally we as a movement (cannabis) need to come together to fight not fight between us – the britsh didn’t like the French still went to ware for them – in the name of Humanity please just grow up and contribute.

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  2. Rsumner, please feel free to join CLEAR, or the BNP, EDL, NF, KKK or any other organisation which supports outdated ideas and ignorance. I cannot see your views being welcome within mainstream cannabis activism.

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  3. How ironic that a bigoted moron who thinks Jews are evil and hates French people should be one of the few people to post words of support for Peter Reynolds.

    Fuck off Rsummer, we don’t want to work with racists.

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  4. In the name of Humanity you want us to cosy up to a racist bigot WTF- seriously rsumer you are a massive douchebag … do us a favour go and cosy up with PRick, he will approve of your intolerant views, while the rest of the cannabis community wants nothing to do with them or PR.

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