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Peter Reynolds gets a 30 day ban from Facebook (again)


Racist comment by Peter Reynolds removed by Facebook. Author: Kevin John Braid We reported last week that Reynolds had been threatening to sue the United Patients Alliance. We found out about this from a status, Clark French, put up on Facebook saying he and the UPA had been threatened with …

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Reynolds wants disabled people to be used as slave labour

Reynolds defends a racist, a sex offender, an MP who posts his cock on the internet & a right wing Tory cunt. Author: Mustafa Al-Farooq Peter Reynolds Watch has reported before on the extreme ramblings of the President of CLEAR, such as his defence of paedophiles Jimmy Savile and Jeremy Forest, …

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Peter Reynolds praises racist UKIP EDL candidate

Author: James Collins Peter Reynolds is outraged at the Daily Mail.  For the sake of accuracy, Peter is always outraged about something, but in this case it was the one time I’ve seen the Mail actually produce an article that wasn’t insanely biased in some way.  All this objectivity has …

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CLEAR: Callous and Confused

Author: James Collins Perhaps dear reader, you are aware of International Women’s Day.  It is a day marked all around he world, with marches and vigils, to discuss issues that affect women.  Forefront of this is the issue of violence against women, which few people could possibly argue is not …

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