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Peter Reynolds Throws a Tantrum (yet again)

Author: James Collins The childish histrionics of Peter Reynolds and his loyal lap-dog Derek Williams have reached a new and baffling low.  They have managed, with great measure of whining and moaning, to get the moderators of Politics UK taken off Facebook.  That isn’t much of a feat, considering the …

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Peter Reynolds goes undercover

Author: James Collins It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole year.  We have now passed the first anniversary of CLEAR UK publishing a statement publicly calling blogger and activist Sarah McCulloch a “genetically confused half-werewolf half-woman”, thus escalating what was still then a minor conflict into a yearlong …

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Reynolds threatens disabled activists with legal action

Author: Kevin John Braid Peter Reynolds must be getting bored now there is no Corby by-election to spunk up CLEAR funds. Even Peter Hitchens is bored of him saying he will never do another cannabis debate after finally winning a debate against Reynolds at Exeter University, though somebody should point out to …

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Peter Reynolds tries to shut down Peter Reynolds Watch

More lies from Reynolds as he tries to silence his critics and lies about working with NORML in the USA. PETER REYNOLDS WATCH have been forwarded an email exchange between himself and our hosting company Iceland WordPress.  In the past, with a certain degree of success, Reynolds has been successful in removing …

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Free Speech For Everybody Who Agrees

Author: James Collins Peter Reynolds is a man of strong opinions.  He will tell you that himself.  He will tell you he believes in the right to free speech.  He will tell you he is a libertarian that believes people have the responsibility to discern truth from fiction on their …

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Peter Reynolds lies about working with Prof David Nutt

Author: Kevin John Braid Yesterday I blogged about how Peter Reynolds had upset overseas cannabis activists and that he lied about being in regular contact with Rick Simpson.  Those familiar with the sorry saga of the joke that is Peter Reynolds, leader of CLEAR, will be fully aware he not …

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