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Peter Throws a Tantrum

Author: James Collins I reported that the Jewish Chronicle has reported that Peter Reynolds failed in his bid to sue Sarah McCulloch and ended up with an order to pay her expenses.  How did Peter react?  You can probably guess.  Just pretend that your screaming toddler throwing toys around their …

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Peter Reynolds finally grows his column inches

Author: James Collins If you think back a little bit you’ll remember that Peter Reynolds managed to make a splash in the press by appearing in the Jewish Chronicle.  Reporter Marcus Dysch interviewed Peter in response to his blog ranting about “evil Jews”, which he amended to “evil Israelis” at …

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CLEAR is struck off as a Registered Political Party

Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR) Statutorily Deregistered by the Electoral Commission. Author: Kevin John Braid In a week of first class twattery from Peter Reynolds, I thought there would be little more to write about. Sarah McCulloch and James Collins had already superbly documented the loss of his libel action in the …

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Peter Reynolds Gets A Royal Boning From A Royal Court

Author: James Collins You might have heard that Peter Reynolds is suing people.  That’s what litigious, slimy conmen do; they wield the law as a cudgel against those who would stand up to them.  It’s the same behavior that truly powerful people in our world engage in, but on the …

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The Definition of Achievement

Author: James Collins We at Peter Reynolds Watch have been quiet as of late, mostly due to having lives to attend to, but also because we shall sell no wine before its time.  This case was no exception, as we like many (okay – not many at all) were waiting …

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