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Clark French
UPA founder and cannabis activist, Clark French.

Reynolds threatens to sue Clark French and the UPA

Peter Reynolds threatens to sue Clark French and the UPA for defamation.

Author: Kevin John Braid

You’d think after Reynolds’ hopeless attempts to sue activists in the courts that ultimately wasted hours of his time and cost him £36,323.86 in legal fees that he had to pay Chris Bovey, not to mention in the region of £10,000 in court fees to issue the libel writs, he’d have learned his lesson.

Sadly, the crazy old bastard is still at it, we have been forwarded an email from Peter Reynolds sent to Jonathan Liebling of the United Patients Alliance with the subject ‘If I have to, I will take legal action against you’.

OK, now you’ve stopped laughing and I hope you didn’t spit your tea over your computer keyboard, here is a copy of the email the nutter sent:

Peter Reynolds threatens Clark French and the UPA
Despite having previously wasted in the region of £50,000 in failed libel actions, the stupid old prick is still at it. Will the daft cunt ever learn?

This is not the first time Clark, a medicinal cannabis activist and Multiple Sclerosis patient, has been on the receiving end of threats and abuse from Peter Reynolds. In the past he actually reported Clark to the police, along with some other activists, falsely accusing them of hacking the CLEAR website. No action was taken by the authorities as a result of Reynolds’ malicious police reports, although it is understood it caused a great deal of stress at the time for some of those reported, since they were medicinal cannabis users.

Reynolds has long been trying to undermine the work of Clark French, a cannabis activist not really by choice, but because he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in his early 20s and found cannabis to be the most effective medicine. Reynolds banned Clark from CLEAR’s Facebook page years ago after Clark asked Reynolds to stop using an image of Clark to promote CLEAR, because he didn’t want to be associated with a racist, homophobic, anti-semitic, bigot who reports medical cannabis users to the police.

Peter Reynolds boasts of reporting medical cannabis users, including Clark French, to the police on Facebook.
Reynolds boasts of reporting medical cannabis users to the police on Facebook.

When CLEAR first was founded, a number of activists, including Clark got involved, as they were unaware of Reynolds’ disgusting racist and homophobic blogs, some of which he later claimed were forgeries, but that was proven to be a lie from checking the Internet Archive

Reynolds had been using Clark’s image to promote CLEAR without his permission, despite repeatedly being asked not to. He also once complained to the BBC that they interviewed Clark instead of him on a Sunday morning politics show. Anyone who has seen the dreadful clips of Reynolds on youtube will be thankful the BBC asked Clark French, who is very knowledgeable on the subject of cannabis, rather than Reynolds, a dreadful media performer who comes over as drunk. He is the only person to have ever lost a cannabis debate against Peter Hitchens. This was at Exeter University, I mean how bad do you have to be to lose a debate about cannabis to a room full of students?

Clark French told Peter Reynolds Watch: “I am fed up with accusations and threats, I have better things to do with my limited energy than to defend myself against false accusations. Prohibition is the problem, it would be much better if Peter left us alone to get on with the job of trying to get legal access to the medicine we need.”

Fellow activist, Chris Bovey, who successfully fought of a vexatious libel action issued by Reynolds told us that he just laughed when Reynolds boasted on Facebook he’d reported him to the police, although, he added “ultimately being sued by a racist looney was extremely stressful for my family, as litigation in any form is not very nice and rather costly.”

“That said, if you are going to be involved in any legal action, then it’s always better to be on the winning side. I was at the Royal Courts of Justice when Master Eastman threw out the case and also a further Court hearing where he hopelessly tried to appeal against the costs he’d been ordered to pay and the look on the old goat’s face when he lost facing experienced barristers was priceless. It was wonderful to see the baldy bawbag being sent off with his tail between his legs after the judge told him he had lost and would have to pay my legal bill.

“Peter was acting as a Litigant In Person, with only the help of his son, Richard Reynolds, who was at the time training to be a barrister, whereas, I’m not trained in law and didn’t have the time to deal with the fool, I hired a team of professional defamation lawyers, who swiftly had it thrown out of Court.

“Reynolds then launched further vexatious appeals, all of which he lost, including a ridiculous claim that I had harassed him because I sent an email asking him to pay the money owed me. I’d actually written off the money, as Reynolds claimed poverty saying he was on Job Seekers allowance and was refusing to pay, however, that all changed after he was left an inheritance and my lawyers soon forced the racist old cunt to finally cough up in full with statutory interest at 8%.

“Reynolds paid a very high price for his stupidity to take me on in the Courts and he has a very high dent in his bank account to prove it, yet the lunatic is still at it and threatening to sue activists who are trying to get cannabis laws changed.

“Peter doesn’t learn, you cannot sue someone for calling you a racist, anti-semitic, homophobic bigot who reports medical cannabis users to the police when you are a racist, anti-semitic, homophobic bigot who reports medical cannabis users to the police.

“Funnily enough, it was Reynolds himself who told me to seek legal advice, yet when I did just that and he lost, he appealed on the grounds it was unfair I had professional lawyers and barristers, while he did not.

“I’m very sad to learn patients like Clark and others are still having to deal with this fruitloop when they have an important job of trying to bring about real change to give legal access to herbal cannabis, oils and resins to all adults for both recreational and medicinal purposes,

“I understand the Lib Dems while in Government changed our outdated libel laws so it’s now not possible for nutjobs to issue vexatious libel claims in the Courts. My advice to the UPA is to take him as seriously as I did, i.e., not at all, the man is a complete and utter twat!” said Chris Bovey.

Reynolds threatens Chris Bovey
LOL Peter threatens Chris Bovey and sued him for libel. We all know how badly that ended for him!

Who knows what the hell is going through his cocaine and alcohol sozzled mind if he thinks he has any chance of a successful legal action against the UPA or anyone else? Perhaps he’s jealous of Clark’s hair? If Peter really cared about cannabis legalisation then he would crawl back from under the rock he climbed from and drown himself in cheap whisky. We here at PRW will keep you informed of any updates.


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  1. Wow the guy sounds like a right twat be nice if he got ill

  2. Peter Reynolds once sent me a PM telling me he had reported me to the police for sharing an article from this web site, I told the grassing scum to fuck off and blocked him.

  3. Me too.
    Unfortunately i dont have the backing of large organisations.
    But i have a lot of support so i confidently told them to fuck off too.
    I’m looking forward to seeing everything the cta is hiding come to light in a court of law again.
    So sue me too.😂😊

  4. Peter would have a problem if he were mental enough to sue people again. When he previously issued vexatious lawsuits against Chris, Sarah and Alun, it was agreed in principle to take the case on a no-win-no-fee basis, as it was so bad, but unfortunately after a asset checks, it was no possible as there was no guarantee they would get the money.

    Now Peter has had an inheritance, some of which he’s already spunked up paying Chris back, if the looney is mental enough to issue any more vexatious lawsuits, there would be no problem getting a no-win-no-fee solicitor, as it would be easy money for the pickings.

    Also, now Peter boasts the money to hire professional legel representation himself any self-respecting lawyer would tell him not to be so foolish. He must be nearing the point where he could be listed as a Vexatious Litigant and would have to apply to the High Court before he could commence any more of his crazy and vindictive legal actions.

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