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Reynolds threatens disabled activist (again)

Author: Kevin John Braid Ever since Peter Reynolds took over the old Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA) and rebranded it as CLEAR, he has been reporting his critics to the police and threatening to sue them left right and centre. Recently, Reynolds has launched High Court writs against four respected cannabis …

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Do you smell Cannabis Law Reform? I just smell rats.

Peter Reynolds’ mate threatens to report drug campaigners’ wife to her employers Author: James Collins Peter Reynolds is back in rare form once again, threatening to sue people.  I know, that doesn’t sound like news.  In fact, it can’t be news, because the root word in news is “new” – …

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Reynolds threatens disabled activists with legal action

Author: Kevin John Braid Peter Reynolds must be getting bored now there is no Corby by-election to spunk up CLEAR funds. Even Peter Hitchens is bored of him saying he will never do another cannabis debate after finally winning a debate against Reynolds at Exeter University, though somebody should point out to …

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Global Cannabis Research Group drops CLEAR

Reynolds and CLEAR dropped like a hot potato Author: Kevin John Braid Earlier this month, a number of cannabis activists were alarmed to discover an article on CLEAR’s web site calling for cannabis cultivators to take part in a growers survey. Cannabis consumers and growers were obviously very concerned that …

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Peter Reynolds thinks sex with minors is ok. WTF?

Author: James Collins If you’re at all interested in the ever-evolving story of how Peter Reynolds needs to learn to shut up, then you know about his blog.  If you don’t, have a peek at this gem, it should have you sufficiently enraged.  Well, if you’re a decent person who …

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BNP to back Peter Reynolds of CLEAR in Corby by-election

On Tuesday 4th September, the following spoof article appeared on JustPasteIt.com: The spoof article soon went viral on Facebook, with some people believing it was real, even though it was posted on the free web sharing service Just Paste It. As with most satire, the story was not entirely without …

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