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Reynolds claims credit for the work of others

Warrington Borough Council take down Facebook page Author: James Collins Anybody who follows the UK cannabis movement will be aware of the controversy surrounding claims by Warrington Borough Council that cannabis is stronger than heroin. For those that don’t know, earlier in the week, a local authority in northern England …

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Reynolds magics up Dr Potter books from the past

Author: Kevin John Braid There’s never much of interest on the CLEAR ghost site, apart from the occasional rant from Peter Reynolds or a poorly written article by Derek Williams. We still keep an eye on CLEAR’s web site, as well as Peter Reynolds’ own personal blog, as from time …

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CLEARly Disappointing, Yet Again!

CLEAR Cancel Annual Conference Author: James Collins CLEAR is going to hold their AGM in September.  There will be speakers, and entertainment and real people in a real place!  This is unprecedented … oh, no it isn’t. CLEAR has threatened to have an AGM before.  They said they would have …

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