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CLEAR wants you to go to prison

Author: James Collins CLEAR has recently announced a new means by which, they claim, citizens of the United Kingdom can now legally obtain cannabis medicine with a prescription.  The end has come.  Prohibition is over and Peter Reynolds is solely responsible.  Everyone rejoice!! Okay, perhaps you can put the party …

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CLEAR says civil disobedience is gay!

CLEAR, Civil Disobedience, Homosexuality and False Equivalencies That Aren’t False Author: James Collins CLEAR, or more importantly Peter J. Immafuckingdrunk Reynolds, doesn’t believe in civil disobedience.  They believe that only “good behavior”, blind obedience to the state, and begging for scraps from our masters table will work. Recently CLEAR has …

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CLEAR cancels their AGM (again)

North Korea CLEAR Cancels Their AGM Author: James Collins As you may have seen we reported on the shockingly minimalist effort of CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform to pretend they were to hold their first Annual General Meeting for a couple of years.  Yes, it takes years for them to put …

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Reynolds libel cases struck out of court.

The final humiliation for Peter Reynolds Author: Kevin John Braid Peter Reynolds the dictator cannot stand any criticism or exposure to the truth about his racist bigoted views. We’ve documented before how Reynolds writes threatening emails to any blog that dares publish the truth about this right-wing loony and his …

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Author: James Collins CLEAR is finally having an annual general meeting, and wow is my face red.  They’ve pulled their act together, worked their hardest, and assembled an event that is going to put Woodstock to shame.  It will be like the Million Man March on Washington D.C., or maybe …

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