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Peter Reynolds Gets A Royal Boning From A Royal Court

Author: James Collins You might have heard that Peter Reynolds is suing people.  That’s what litigious, slimy conmen do; they wield the law as a cudgel against those who would stand up to them.  It’s the same behavior that truly powerful people in our world engage in, but on the …

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Reynolds libel cases struck out of court.

The final humiliation for Peter Reynolds Author: Kevin John Braid Peter Reynolds the dictator cannot stand any criticism or exposure to the truth about his racist bigoted views. We’ve documented before how Reynolds writes threatening emails to any blog that dares publish the truth about this right-wing loony and his …

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Peter Reynolds declares himself president

Author: Kevin John Braid Peter Reynolds likes to feel important, he often announces himself as the elected Leader of Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR). It costs £150 to register a political party with the British Electoral Commission and Reynolds has only stood in one by-election, polling the lowest result ever for …

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Reynolds threatens disabled activist (again)

Author: Kevin John Braid Ever since Peter Reynolds took over the old Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA) and rebranded it as CLEAR, he has been reporting his critics to the police and threatening to sue them left right and centre. Recently, Reynolds has launched High Court writs against four respected cannabis …

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Another anti-activist rant from CLEAR

Author: Alun Buffry Anyone with any sense must surely ask themselves why all those people about whom “Graham Smith” talks about in this article are cannabis campaigners, past and present are against Reynolds – it is simply because the way Reynolds behaved, how he insulted and abused them, call them …

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