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The High Standard of Conduct for Peter Reynolds

Author: James Collins Once again Peter “I’ll sue everybody” Reynolds is up to his old tricks.  Actually, they’re better than his old tricks.  Normally he likes to defend the indefensible and question any rational position.  I suppose he’s been drinking extra heavy lately, because he just flew right off the …

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UKCSCs & Lib Dems denounce Peter Reynolds

Author: Kevin John Braid Peter Reynolds and CLEAR have been denounced by United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs. The denunciation came after CLEAR had been posting links to the UKSCSs on its web site and the CLEAR facebook page. Spokesman, Greg de Hoedt, a medicinal cannabis consumer who has himself been …

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A CLEAR perspective

Author: James Collins Peter Reynolds has been boasting of the “enormous achievements” of his party.  I wanted to take a look at that in detail.  When CLEAR states its case to the public, it is always in terms of platitudes and broad generalizations.  What specifically they have done to forward …

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Peter Reynolds Throws a Tantrum (yet again)

Author: James Collins The childish histrionics of Peter Reynolds and his loyal lap-dog Derek Williams have reached a new and baffling low.  They have managed, with great measure of whining and moaning, to get the moderators of Politics UK taken off Facebook.  That isn’t much of a feat, considering the …

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