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Petey pays Chris Bovey’s legal bill (at last)

Christopher Bovey - Feed The Birds

Reynolds finally coughs up his legal fees. By Kevin John Braid Peter Reynolds doesn’t like being called out on his racist and homophobic views. He’ll threaten to sue you, report you to Facebook, even call the police on you, if you dare to criticise him. Astonishingly, back in 2013, he …

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CLEAR attacks Corbyn for supporting medical cannabis

By Chris Bovey The political allegiance of Peter Reynolds has always been confusing. Judging by his racist right-wing blogs, one might be led to think he’s best suited in the British National Party. In the past he’s claimed to love Thatcher, support UKIP, been a member of the Lib Dems …

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Reynolds lies about High Court injunction

While hiding away refusing to pay a real High Court Writ Author: Kevin John Braid Peter Reynolds will go to any lengths to attempt to censor criticism, he often threatens people with the police or legal action if they dare to say anything critical of the right-wing racist leader of …

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Reynolds condemns Cannabis Hypocrisy Protest

Author: Kevin John Braid We know Peter Reynolds doesn’t like public smoke-outs anymore. He used to be supportive of demos and marches, but when he realised he would be welcome as a fart in a spacesuit at any smoke-out, he made the proclamation that public displays of smoking cannabis is …

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CLEAR says civil disobedience is gay!

CLEAR, Civil Disobedience, Homosexuality and False Equivalencies That Aren’t False Author: James Collins CLEAR, or more importantly Peter J. Immafuckingdrunk Reynolds, doesn’t believe in civil disobedience.  They believe that only “good behavior”, blind obedience to the state, and begging for scraps from our masters table will work. Recently CLEAR has …

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Peter Reynolds condemns 10k+ pot protest in Hyde Park

Author: Kevin John Braid Possibly the largest ever protest against Britain’s cannabis laws took place in Hyde Park, London, on 20th April 2013. The event was organised by the London Cannabis Club, the largest UK based cannabis page on Facebook. Over 10,000 people attended the gathering, which received a lot …

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UKCSCs & Lib Dems denounce Peter Reynolds

Author: Kevin John Braid Peter Reynolds and CLEAR have been denounced by United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs. The denunciation came after CLEAR had been posting links to the UKSCSs on its web site and the CLEAR facebook page. Spokesman, Greg de Hoedt, a medicinal cannabis consumer who has himself been …

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Another anti-activist rant from CLEAR

Author: Alun Buffry Anyone with any sense must surely ask themselves why all those people about whom “Graham Smith” talks about in this article are cannabis campaigners, past and present are against Reynolds – it is simply because the way Reynolds behaved, how he insulted and abused them, call them …

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