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M.S. patient climbs out of ladies’ window to escape PR

Dirty dating advert of Reynolds the Love Peace Guru.

An M.S. patient has alleged Peter Reynolds invited her out to dinner where he made lewd comments and tried put his hands on her cleavage. The dinner was meant to discuss medical cannabis and explore ways to get Bedrocan, the Dutch medicinal cannabis, legally available on prescription in the UK. …

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Pervy Pete goes a bit Jimmy

Peter Reynolds is in town. Lock up your daughters When the racist sexist bigoted leader of CLEAR, Peter Reynolds, first tried to nudge his way on to the UK cannabis scene, he did so on popular cannabis forum THTC talk, lying that he had been campaigning for cannabis law reform …

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Jimmy Savile is CLEAR’s new poster boy

When I first saw this I thought someone had sent me a photoshop piss take, I couldn’t believe it wasn’t a fake. It’s not a fake, it’s real, Peter Reynolds actually launched this ad campaign for CLEAR. Now I’m a staunch opponent of prohibition, but to compare prohibition to the …

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Perving Around the World

Author: James Collins You’ve no doubt by now heard about Elliot Rodger in California.  He’s the crazy guy who shot a number of women for turning him down.  His online activities show a history of rage, misogyny, homophobia and other general sectarianism and total irrationality.   By all accounts the guy …

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Peter Reynolds defends kiddy fiddler Jimmy Savile

Author: James Collins Poor Peter doesn’t know why everyone is outraged about Jimmy Savile.  He thinks there is too much hype about the whole thing.  He thinks people are hysterical.  Have a look, it’s classic Reynolds all the way.  Silly me, I thought that making apologies for a teacher that …

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Pervy Pete: wannabe Corby MP condones “child love”

Pervy Pete: wannabe Corby MP condones “child love” Author: Kevin John Braid Regular readers of this web site and those who have followed the sorry saga that is Peter Reynolds may no longer be shocked at what comes from the pen of the gaffe-prone leader of CLEAR. That said, today’s …

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