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Peter Reynolds and CLEAR want your money!

By James Collins Peter Reynolds is running to be a Member of Parliament in the Corby by-election.  That’s a pretty big responsibility.  That’s the big boys club, and they play for keeps.  Peter would be introducing an entirely new party into a social structure where reputation and association mean everything.  …

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Peter Reynolds throws his toys out of the pram (again!)

By Kevin John Braid Peter Reynolds has made a formal complaint to the BBC Sunday Morning Show, BBC complaints department and the trust of the BBC. What have they done? Perhaps he is upset they are not showing reruns of Jim’ll Fix It or does Reynolds have for once a …

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Peter Reynolds defends kiddy fiddler Jimmy Savile

Author: James Collins Poor Peter doesn’t know why everyone is outraged about Jimmy Savile.  He thinks there is too much hype about the whole thing.  He thinks people are hysterical.  Have a look, it’s classic Reynolds all the way.  Silly me, I thought that making apologies for a teacher that …

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Peter Reynolds tries to shut down Peter Reynolds Watch

More lies from Reynolds as he tries to silence his critics and lies about working with NORML in the USA. PETER REYNOLDS WATCH have been forwarded an email exchange between himself and our hosting company Iceland WordPress.  In the past, with a certain degree of success, Reynolds has been successful in removing …

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