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Peter Reynolds praises racist UKIP EDL candidate

Author: James Collins Peter Reynolds is outraged at the Daily Mail.  For the sake of accuracy, Peter is always outraged about something, but in this case it was the one time I’ve seen the Mail actually produce an article that wasn’t insanely biased in some way.  All this objectivity has …

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Peter Reynolds condemns 10k+ pot protest in Hyde Park

Author: Kevin John Braid Possibly the largest ever protest against Britain’s cannabis laws took place in Hyde Park, London, on 20th April 2013. The event was organised by the London Cannabis Club, the largest UK based cannabis page on Facebook. Over 10,000 people attended the gathering, which received a lot …

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Political Party or Tabloid Cheese?

Author: James Collins CLEAR is a political party, or at least they would have us believe that.  After one bumbling attempt to run in a by-election, I suppose they have done the minimum required to actually hold that title.  Let’s have a look at something in particular that belies the …

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Thatcherism and Cannabis: WTF?

Author: James Collins Margret Thatcher and cannabis, they go together like … well they don’t.  Thatcher hated cannabis users.  She hated the “underclass”.  She hated everything which didn’t conform to her somewhat Victorian notions of what Britain should be, racism, sexism, rampantly arrogant imperialism and all.  Thatcher was just one …

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Peter Reynolds gets banned from Facebook

Author: Kevin John Braid Peter Reynolds Watch is back online after a few days of downtime. This was due to some scheduled maintenance, to migrate the site to a new faster and better server in Iceland. A few people were concerned Peter Reynolds had somehow managed to persuade Icelandic WordPress …

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CLEAR, Cocaine and Bitcoins.

Author: Kevin John Braid Always looking for new ways to scam money from the unsuspecting public, CLEAR recently announced they had started to solicit donations using Bitcoins. For those not familiar with Bitcoin, it is a complex and anonymous type of electronic currency that can be swapped for local currencies …

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