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Reynolds libel cases struck out of court.

The final humiliation for Peter Reynolds Author: Kevin John Braid Peter Reynolds the dictator cannot stand any criticism or exposure to the truth about his racist bigoted views. We’ve documented before how Reynolds writes threatening emails to any blog that dares publish the truth about this right-wing loony and his …

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Reynolds magics up Dr Potter books from the past

Author: Kevin John Braid There’s never much of interest on the CLEAR ghost site, apart from the occasional rant from Peter Reynolds or a poorly written article by Derek Williams. We still keep an eye on CLEAR’s web site, as well as Peter Reynolds’ own personal blog, as from time …

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Peter Reynolds & UKCIA remove defamation victory claims

Peter Reynolds and Derek Williams humiliated Author: Kevin John Braid A few weeks ago, a very boastful Peter Reynolds and his sidekick, Derek Williams, published articles on CLEAR, UKCIA and Reynolds’ own personal blog, claiming the first victory in his defamation cases. On Peter Reynolds’ blog he wrote that he …

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Global Cannabis Research Group drops CLEAR

Reynolds and CLEAR dropped like a hot potato Author: Kevin John Braid Earlier this month, a number of cannabis activists were alarmed to discover an article on CLEAR’s web site calling for cannabis cultivators to take part in a growers survey. Cannabis consumers and growers were obviously very concerned that …

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