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Reynolds wants disabled people to be used as slave labour

Reynolds defends a racist, a sex offender, an MP who posts his cock on the internet & a right wing Tory cunt. Author: Mustafa Al-Farooq Peter Reynolds Watch has reported before on the extreme ramblings of the President of CLEAR, such as his defence of paedophiles Jimmy Savile and Jeremy Forest, …

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Peter Loves Enoch

Peter Reynolds defends racist Tory Enoch Powell Author: James Collins Have you ever heard of Enoch Powell?  I’ll be perfectly honest here; I had only ever encountered the name in passing.  That shouldn’t be overly surprising; Enoch was a man who decided to consign himself to the dustbin of history …

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The Comical Bigotry of Peter Reynolds

Author: James Collins Peter Reynolds apparently now hates the Scottish.  Yes, the Scots.  What did they do to Peter?  Well, they don’t seem to like the UKIP much, as demonstrated by events in Edinburgh. So, Nigel Farage shows up in Edinburgh to do his thing, and protestors sent him packing.  …

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