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Petey pays Chris Bovey’s legal bill (at last)

Reynolds finally coughs up his legal fees.

By Kevin John Braid

Peter Reynolds doesn’t like being called out on his racist and homophobic views. He’ll threaten to sue you, report you to Facebook, even call the police on you, if you dare to criticise him.

Astonishingly, back in 2013, he actually did issue four libel writs against four UK activists, Sarah McCulloch, Alun Buffry, Greg de Hoedt and Chris Bovey, paying £2,145 for each court writ, totalling £8,580.

Peter withdrew his two claims against Sarah and Alun and won a fiver from Greg, because he didn’t respond to the writ. In the case of NORML UK activist and businessman Chris Bovey, Peter continued his action against him, despite that Chris, being of considerable means, hired the best defamation lawyers in the UK to fight the case.

He lost that one too, easily being kicked out Court at the first hurdle, with Peter acting as a Litigant In Person, with only the help of his barrister son Richard Reynolds who was advising his racist dad, yet it was still struck out of Court by Master Eastman back in January 2014, with Reynolds being ordered to pay Chris’ legal costs to be assessed, if not agreed.

Those costs eventually ended up being the grand sum of £20,482.04.

Instead of paying up the costs that were ordered by Royal Courts of Justice, the very same Court he took Chris Bovey to, Reynolds refused to cough up the money, even boasting online “He stands not a snowball’s chance in hell of getting a penny from me!

Defamatory screenshot from Reynolds' blog.
Peter Reynolds absurdly libels Chris Bovey after losing his defamation case and boasts he isn’t going to pay him.

Reynolds further boasted he was going to appeal and it was Chris who was going to have to end up paying him a large amount of money. This led to further vexatious appeals against the costs, the judgement and the loon even tried to get a High Court Injunction against Chris and have him arrested for harassment for having the audacity to email him asking him to pay the money he was owed.

Reynolds lost them all, achieving only a further augmented legal bill, which was also piling up statutory interest at 8% a day, but that didn’t matter to Reynolds, since he claimed poverty saying he was on Job Seekers Allowance and couldn’t pay up.

All this time, Reynolds had been hiding away, refusing to let Chris’ lawyers have his new address and when the High Court Sheriffs finally did track him down to his hovel in Dorset, every item of properly in his rented accommodation conveniently had a receipt showing it belonged to someone else.

As well as hiding away, Reynolds published some highly defamatory and untrue blogs about Chris, falsely claiming he was some kind of legal high kingpin, even though his main business focussed on cannabis seeds and natural herbal entheogens such as kratom.

Chris told us he’d written off the money ages ago, as he doubted a loser with a self-confessed heavy drinking habit would ever earn enough to pay it back, however, that all changed when Peter was left a sizeable inheritance.

Chris’ lawyer, John Spyrou, quoted on Sarah McCulloch’s blog:

Having acted for Chris since early 2013 in this matter, I am extremely pleased that he has now recovered much of the funds that he spent defending a suite of proceedings which were dismissed by the Court at each substantive juncture.

Orders of the Courts, in particular the High Court, have wide reaching powers and should never be ignored.”

Peter Reynolds had inherited one fifth of a sizeable estate from his late parents, minus money he owed that he borrowed, presumably to pay the court fees. In fact, he had already received his share from the proceeds of the sale of a house that sold for something in the region of £850,000, but the cheeky bastard didn’t give Chris a penny.

Chris told us they were in the process of getting his arse back into the High Court for another costs hearing to explain why he hadn’t paid the money he was legally obliged to pay, but they found out about some cash due to him being held by a law firm that had yet to be released, so they threatened to obtain a Court Order to get the money owed. Initially, Reynolds refused, but when his own lawyers put it in very simple English “pay up now what you owe, or they’ll just get a Court order which will ultimately end up in you paying more in legal fees and interest”, he finally relented and agreed to pay the £36,323.86 – almost double what the tit was originally ordered to pay.

Final costs owed to Chris Bovey.
Ouch – £36,323.86 was a very expensive lesson in stupidity for Mr Reynolds.

Chris Bovey told Peter Reynolds Watch: “I’m delighted the racist old goat has finally paid up, although there are still some monies owed concerning the enforcement of the debt, but that is something my legal team are taking up.

“I’m just glad it’s over, it was a right hassle to be maliciously sued by a looney. To be frank, I’d be happy to never hear the name Peter Reynolds again for as long as I live. He can snort the rest of his inheritance up his nose as far as I’m concerned, the sooner the better.”

Chris Bovey with champaign and the Leaf of Peace.
Chris Bovey celebrates his victory over Reynolds with a bottle of vintage bubbly and the Leaf of Peace.

Amazingly, despite being totally humiliated in the Courts, Peter Reynolds is still threatening to sue people who dare to question his bigoted views and grassing activities.

Earlier in the year, we reported on the dodgy Cannabis Trade Association scam, which Reynolds is associated with and we exposed how they threaten to report vendors of CBD oil to the authorities if they did not pay them money.

A medical user, Ben, posted the article on the Facebook page of the Cannabis Trade Association. It was soon deleted and shortly afterwards a PM from Reynolds appeared in Ben’s inbox threatening him with legal action.

Absurdly, the same as he initially did to Chris when he first launched a legal action againt him, he advised Ben to take legal advice. Will Peter ever learn? The man is a fool, you cannot sue someone for calling you an antisemite when you’ve described Jews as evil, you cannot sue a person for calling you a racist when you’ve published blogs complaining there are not enough white faces in London and you definitely cannot sue someone for calling you a homophobe when you’ve called gay people ‘perverted fools’.

Peter again threatens someone with legal action.
Is Richard Reynolds going to give his dad yet more free legal advice?


Screenshot of Peter Reynolds to take a medical user of cannabis to Court.
Reynolds again threatens to take a medical user of cannabis to Court.

All in all, we estimate Reynolds’ hopeless attempts at playing lawyers with vexatious lawsuits has cost him approximately £50,000, not to mention countless hours of his time. What a fucking tool – Schadenfreude!

Threatening email to Chris Bovey.
Reynolds notifies Chris Bovey by email of his intention to sue him and suggests he obtains legal advice. Reynolds then ignored legal advice to pay up after he lost, so ended up paying £36,323.86 – almost double and may have to pay thousands more in enforcement costs.

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  1. Seems the racist homophobe has got the comeuppance he deserves, couldn’t happen to a more deserving drunk pervert.

  2. Karma’s a bitch eh…

  3. I’ve been observing this for some time now and I’m glad Reynolds finally paid up. I was banned from the CLEAR Facebook page and received a crazy message from Peter Reynolds threatening to sue me for sharing an article about him in the comments. I blocked him, the man is nuts.

  4. Very happy that justice has been served on the racist, homophobe and antisemite Peter Reynolds.

  5. It’s always good to see a racist get his comeuppance. I despise Reynolds, he is a real piece of shit, banned me ages ago on CLEAR for asking awkward questions. He can drown his sorrows in his cheap whiskey – he will not be missed when his old liver gives up.

  6. PR needs to be declared a “Vexatious litigant”. Surprised it hasn’t happened already.


    “2.3 Involving the Attorney General
    If you believe that an individual has been involved in vexatious litigation, full particulars of the subject’s alleged vexatious activity, including court reference, parties names and outcome should be provided to the GLD, on a spreadsheet, together with the supporting material set out below. We will then investigate on behalf of the Attorney General.

    Proceedings will only be brought by the Attorney General after a full investigation by the Government Legal Department into the individual’s activity and where one of the Law Officers (the Attorney General or Solicitor General) determines that it would be in the public interest to make the application.”

  7. I’m so pleased to read the filthy perverted grassing cunt has finally paid up.

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