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Jason Eacups

Beware of cannabis oil scammers

Exclusive expose on cannabis oil scammer

Author: Mustafa Al-Farooq

We here at PRW have been exposing the activities of the racist scammer Peter Reynolds since 2012, The man is a stain upon a peaceful movement that is trying to achieve reform of our antiquated cannabis laws in the UK.

Unfortunately, the cannabis movement attracts scammers, with Peter Reynolds of CLEAR not the only charlatan and grass claiming to purport the cause of cannabis law reform. Earlier this month we exposed the Cannabis Trade Association scam run by one of Reynolds’ cronies, Mike Harlington.

This blog is about another nasty piece of work, Jason Eacups, who blights the cannabis movement. Many in the community will be aware of this fraudster, but for those who don’t we will give you a bit of background on a man who scams people dying of cancer.

Jason Eacups operates from Spain and Bournemouth, selling non-active products that he purports to be properly extracted cannabis oil, to families of cancer patients looking for one last hope to save their loved ones.

Cannabis oil has well documented properties to treat cancer or to aid existing chemotherapy treatments. It’s not legal, so in absence of proper regulation it sadly will attract snake oil salesmen and con artists out to make a quick buck, even if it means scamming people with a terminal illness. There are people with cancer who want and need cannabis oil, they will go to many lengths to obtain it.

Eacups was selling cannabis oil to patients, it was tested and found to have virtually no cannabinoids in it at all, it was hemp oil from the non-psychoactive version. He even sold some shatter, which turned out to be dried honey, this not to people looking to get high, but to treat their loved ones in the hope of extending their lives. And he charged them thousands. Jason also sells 10ml of “CBD” oil for €30 (300mg for €30). What a scumbag, he almost makes Peter Reynolds seem half human.

Jason Eacups scam or not?
The dumb cunt cant do basic maths!

When called out on his despicable praying on vulnerable cancer patients, Eacups started a campaign of online harassment against well-known figures in the cannabis movement. These have been widely ignored, since nobody takes Eacups seriously and is a known scammer. When patients complain the oil doesn’t work, Eacup’s and his gang threaten to report all their e-mail correspondence to the police, potentially risking them with fourteen years in prison for importing cannabis oil.

The following video exposes Jason Eacups for the charlton he is:

Many of you will know the story of Callie Blackwell and her son Deryn, who at the time was known in the media as Child H. Jason Eacups found out who Child H was and threatened Callie with revealing the name of her son to Social Services. We asked Callie if we could report this without revealing her name she replied that we could mention her by name and she was “not going to hide behind what he did to me”.

When Jason isn’t scamming patients, he’s living quite an exotic life, living in the village of Serón in the municipality of Almería province of Spain and in Bournemouth, which is why he needs the money from dying cancer patients to fund his luxury lifestyle. He has a taste for young ladies over twenty years his junior.

Jason Eacups cannabis oil
Jason is looking for a for a young girl to spoil with the profits of his scam.

Jason doesn’t have much following, we have been aware of him for some time, but chose not to give him any air of publicity, however, recently we were informed about more terminal cancer patients being scammed by Eacups’ fake cannabis oil. People need to know the truth and if he doesn’t agree with what we write then we openly challenge him to sue us for libel.

Please share on social media and link to Peter Reynolds Watch to help keep people informed and stop vulnerable people with terminal illnesses being conned out of their life savings by scammers of the worst kind.

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    • Don’t like it the other way round hey!

    • We do not give in to pathetic bullies who hide behind their keyboards. We are not scared of your threats and your mate Reynolds has been trying to shut us down for years, but to no avail.

      We shall continue to expose Mr Eacups and the fake cannabis oil he sells for thousands of Euros to vulnerable cancer patients seeking a last hope to extend their life.

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  2. What a little cunt. Some one most dear to me died of cancer in 2010.

    Jason Eacups. I live in Spain and my sister lives in Bournemouth so there is a little chance our path’s will cross. If they do I am going to beat you like a drunk beats his wife. I will slap you and poke you with my finger until I knock you out you little bitch. I will enjoy every second of it and will film it so I can post on social media. I might even make you kiss my cock, will make a great photo of a cock sucker sucking cock.

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  3. Jason Eacups is a full blown psychopath. Been on it for years now … relentless. Such a shame so many people have had their meeting with the cannabis community through him, we must all look like shitheads. Even here in the US people know and warn about him, as he seems to be quite a keyboard bully, threatening people left and right. And I see he is doing his thing on the comments here as well, speechless …

  4. Now Callie, myself and Andrew Bayley are business partners we will finish you Jason John Eacups

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