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CLEAR, Cocaine and Conspiracy Theory

Author: James Collins If you’ve been keeping up with events at PRWatch then you were probably waiting for this one.  It seems we have been accused, Kevin and myself the primary authors of this site, of being some kind of mafia figures. I don’t know where to start with that. …

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Bitcoins and Blow: The Sordid Tale of CLEAR Continues

Author: James Collins I had gotten to a point where I really believed that the farce known as CLEAR could not become any more ridiculous.  I’ve thought that before, only to find that I had set unreasonable limitations on the degree of ridiculous we could expect out of that camp.  …

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Reynolds threatens disabled activist (again)

Author: Kevin John Braid Ever since Peter Reynolds took over the old Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA) and rebranded it as CLEAR, he has been reporting his critics to the police and threatening to sue them left right and centre. Recently, Reynolds has launched High Court writs against four respected cannabis …

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CLEAR: Callous and Confused

Author: James Collins Perhaps dear reader, you are aware of International Women’s Day.  It is a day marked all around he world, with marches and vigils, to discuss issues that affect women.  Forefront of this is the issue of violence against women, which few people could possibly argue is not …

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