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Peter Reynolds gets a 30 day ban from Facebook (again)

Racist comment by Peter Reynolds removed by Facebook.

Author: Kevin John Braid

We reported last week that Reynolds had been threatening to sue the United Patients Alliance. We found out about this from a status, Clark French, put up on Facebook saying he and the UPA had been threatened with legal action from Reynolds for defamation.

Peter Reynolds the bigot threatens to sue the UPA.
Multiple Sclerosis patient Clark French complains on Facebook that the looney, Peter Reynolds, is threatening to sue him and the UPA.

We found this particularly amusing, given Reynolds disastrous and costly attempts in libel actions against other cannabis activists in the past.

Unsurprisingly, the thread attracted quite a few comments, many of which poured scorn on Peter Reynolds.

Johnathan Liebling of the UPA received a temporary ban, as did NORML UK‘s Chris Bovey, along with a number of other people who commented on Clark’s post, before Peter got busy hitting the report button.

The problem for Peter is when you piss off a lot of people by getting them banned from temporarily using Facebook’s features, they might likely take a look at his own Facebook page to see if he’s posted anything in violation of Facebook’s Community Standards and report it too.

Peter being a racist bigot, it didn’t take long, he posted the following comment, which caused one person to ask him “How bigoted can you get?

Can we chop up the stupid purple hair and the deranged Muslim safe spacer and feed them to the vegans? - asks Mr Reynolds.
Peter Reynolds posts an inflammatory racist comment on Facebook, which was removed after it was reported.

A number of people reported the comment to Facebook and they removed it. Since Peter has had a 30-day ban before, he will be banned from using Facebook’s features for 30 days. Facebook escalates the length of each ban every time they deem you have violated their Community Standards. To start they give you a warning, then a 24-hour ban, then a 3-day ban, next a 7-day ban and finally a 30-day ban each time from then on.

It clearly states in Facebook’s Community Standards that incitement of violence and incitement of hatred of religious groups is not allowed, so we were pretty sure suggesting deranged Muslims should be chopped up (i.e., killed) and fed to vegans was on dodgy ground. Facebook agreed and took the post down, since he’s not posted for a few days we can assume he also got another 30-day ban.

What Facebook’s stance on people with purple hair or vegans is, we are unsure.

The huge irony is, of course, Reynolds previously issued defamation writs against activists for suggesting he is a racist, despite the fact he had written a series of highly offensive racist and bigoted blogs.

You’d think after threatening to sue the UPA and pissing off a load of people by getting them banned from using Facebook for commenting on Clark’s thread, he’d have the sense to be a bit careful what he wrote on his own public profile. But no, Peter being Peter doesn’t think, so he posted an Islamophobic comment on his own Facebook page inciting people to kill deranged Muslims and feed them to vegans.

Reynolds pissed off a lot of people by getting them banned, obviously using a sock account, since Clark French told us he blocked him years ago. Some of them were just short bans, others for 30 days, which is always annoying, as Facebook is used by many people to communicate with each other or comment on life events or current affairs. At least all those who received a ban for daring to be critical of der Führer can at least have a laugh that he’s got a taste of his own medicine and he won’t be able to post his constant begging pleas to donate money to CLEAR or promote his dodgy Cannabis Trade Association Scam for a month.

Peter never learns, you’d think after wasting in the region of £50,000 in his failed libel lawsuits, he’d be a bit more careful, but if you piss people off then they will likely look for any excuse to get revenge and in this case, it didn’t take long. #karma

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