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Reynolds loses control of CLEAR’s Facebook page

CLEAR Facebook Page ‘Hacked’ – Peter Reynolds blames ‘Trolls & Liars’ (Where have we heard this before?) Author: Ellen Harrison So, Friday was Peter Reynolds’ birthday, and it would appear that some ‘hacker’ had a special birthday present in mind for him. He awoke to find that he was no longer …

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CLEAR bans Clark French from their Facebook page

Reynolds tries to cash in on Clark French and then bans him from CLEAR’s Facebook page Author: Kevin John Braid If you like or are a member of as many cannabis related pages or groups on Facebook as I am, then it would not have escaped your attention that NORML …

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Reynolds threatens disabled activist (again)

Author: Kevin John Braid Ever since Peter Reynolds took over the old Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA) and rebranded it as CLEAR, he has been reporting his critics to the police and threatening to sue them left right and centre. Recently, Reynolds has launched High Court writs against four respected cannabis …

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Free Speech For Everybody Who Agrees

Author: James Collins Peter Reynolds is a man of strong opinions.  He will tell you that himself.  He will tell you he believes in the right to free speech.  He will tell you he is a libertarian that believes people have the responsibility to discern truth from fiction on their …

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