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Do you smell Cannabis Law Reform? I just smell rats.

Peter Reynolds’ mate threatens to report drug campaigners’ wife to her employers

Author: James Collins

Peter Reynolds is back in rare form once again, threatening to sue people.  I know, that doesn’t sound like news.  In fact, it can’t be news, because the root word in news is “new” – and Peter is a dog that just can’t get the hang of new tricks.  He has in the past threatened to sue just about everyone, from Alan Wyllie of Politics UK, to the publishers of this site, all the way to former members of CLEAR, including the fellow who set up their rather slick online presence.

Yes, the guy who set up the CLEAR web site is now part of the effort to expose Peter Reynolds.  Peter is currently riding the coattails of a man who now despises him.  How sad is that?

The latest outburst from Peter “The Redactor” Reynolds is uniquely hostile.  He has newly threatened amongst others an autistic student, a man in a wheelchair, a successful businessman, and while I haven’t been privy to such a communication, I wouldn’t be surprised if he threatened David Cameron with legal action as well.  The man has no sense of boundaries, the mere fact he hasn’t been arrested as a lunatic terrorist is all that leads me to believe he doesn’t write similarly threatening letters to the Queen demanding a knighthood.

I personally wrote to him a short time ago inviting him to sue me as well, but I suppose a bully never knows how to deal with aggression when suddenly faced with it, as I’ve yet to receive any kind of reply.  It is the holiday season, I should probably give it a few weeks for his supply of Christmas whiskey to dwindle so he again enjoys those blissful few minutes of sobriety each morning during which he writes emails.


So where are MY threats of a lawsuit?

I’ve written far more harshly critical, and outright insulting things about you than just about anyone else. Really, I’m kind of disappointed. I’ll be looking forward to some nice fake complaint documents at this address forthwith, sir.

Don’t disappoint me Peter.

James J. Collins – Miscreant and Joker

Peter is a tough guy when he thinks he can stay on the offensive.  He isn’t so tough when you push back, then he just whines and claims everything everybody says is a lie.  When they are quoting him, I suppose we can infer that means he is also lying.  It’s hard to tell with Peter Reynolds, as I am not willing to stay drunk enough for long enough to truly get into his frame of reference.

Peter has at his beck-and-call a small number of yapping dogs who try to pass themselves off as men.  Sycophants, yes-men, ass-kissers, we all know the sort, they gravitate to bullies like Peter Reynolds.  In science the phenomenon is known as like-object-attraction, the thing which makes pet hair form clumps on your carpet.  It is the same process which is forming islands of plastic garbage in our oceans, and yes I did use the refuse example on purpose.  Now they have been sent out to do his dirty work, not because Peter is a clean sort of chap, but just because he is too lazy to bury the bones from his own closet.  In a new turn of events Peter Reynolds’ close associates are now trying to see their detractors’ wives persecuted for lobbing on behalf of cannabis.

Message from Peter Reynolds' friend Graham Smith
Clear Exec member, Graham Smith, emails a Polish university to try to get the wife of one of Peter Reynolds’ critics dismissed from her job as lecturer.


According to Google translate (which we suspect is what Graham Smith used) it translates:

Dear School,
It has come to our attention that the teacher discussed earlier, and her husband are involved in the “Drugs Movement lobbying.” We do not feel that it is innappropriate behavior for staff responsible for students is lobbying for drugs and our representative will contact you prior to the next meeting of the regional school to get your opinion on this topic.
Maharg Smith

Yes.  That is what you just read.  Graham Smith, the blogger for CLEAR, a cannabis lobby group masquerading as a political party, is selling people out not because of some action they have taken, but because they are cannabis activists.  You can see the message for yourself from Graham Smith, a member of the CLEAR exec, that he sent to the employer of the wife of one of the authors featured on this site.

In this case, Kevin’s wife is not even an activist and doesn’t use cannabis, she just happens to be married to an activist who has dared to criticise Peter Reynolds.

The letter itself is ridiculous in its lack of specificity to begin with.  To simply say somebody is involved with “Drugs Movement lobbying” is pretty damn vague.  That could ultimately mean they are lobbying government to provide free drug treatment to HIV patients.  It could mean whatever you want it to I suppose, which I imagine was Graham’s intent.  He isn’t expressing genuine concern; he clearly has no direct or genuine interesting in the goings-on at a school in Poland.  From his writing style, his attitude and his behaviors, I would guess that Graham and any semblance of “education” parted company a long time ago.  The letter is on par with running to the Mother Superior at school and screaming “he did a sin!”  It isn’t the behavior of a man with a social conscience trying to do good in the world, that is certain if nothing else is.

Graham Smith, staunch defender of Peter Reynolds.
Peter Reynolds’ staunchest defender, Graham Smith

Apparently Graham believes that all is fair in, well, just about anything I guess.  This is the same man that once wrote a blog on the CLEAR site lambasting divisions amongst cannabis activists, only to spend the second half of his “can’t we all get along” speech by dividing people into groups who don’t get along.  He’s a fascinating specimen.  A specimen of what exactly I’m not sure, but many a scatological reference comes to mind.

I’m sure some people think that a response in kind would be appropriate.  The problem with that perspective is two-fold in nature.  To begin with, we don’t believe in running to the teacher every time the other kids won’t play the game by our arbitrary rules and claiming that they took our pudding.  Secondly, it would be hard to cause Graham trouble with his employer as the man is clearly unemployable.  We just don’t do that kind of thing, we prefer to take our opinions out in the open rather than skulk about a dank and moldy flat dreaming up ways to screw people over for being more successful than ourselves.

This is the way of CLEAR.  They are a group of petty people, with a website made by a person they threaten to sue on a regular basis, with no hope of accomplishing anything; and they think this entitles them to your money!  While America and other nations move towards decriminalization and even open legal cannabis consumption, the UK continues to wallow under an endless shadow of prohibition.  Peter wants to claim credit for all the progress made on the anti-prohibition front.  There it is, for all to see.  If Peter Reynolds wants credit, he can have it, all the nothing you could possibly want.  They want you to believe they are making a difference, when really all they are doing is taking people’s money and wasting it bolstering the ego of one sad, pathetic little wreck of a man named Peter.

If Graham Smith, who would try to get an activists’ wife fired from her legitimate teaching position, is the sort of guy you want to keep company with, then CLEAR is your party.  If you are looking for real activists, whose only agenda is to see cannabis legal in your lifetime, there is other game in town.  It’s your tenner, it’s your time, and it’s your effort.  You have to decide whose play you want to back.  Just remember, that donation is going to empower somebody, perhaps you need to consider what they might do with that power once they get their hands on it.

You should probably also consider your personal security.  Apparently members of CLEAR will sell you or your spouse out to your employer for being a member of a drug reform group if you are to find yourself in disagreement with them or Peter Reynolds.  How outrageously hypocritical is that?

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  1. Well that is a disgrace and if PR had any sense he would ban Graham Smith and distance himself and CLEAR from the man . But somehow I think PR is just sitting back laughing at it . When will the man learn that by staying leader of CLEAR after everything that has happened he is only causing more damage than good and attracting people with serious mental disorders like Graham . Just by reading that I can quite clearly see that Graham is not interested in the cannabis cause one bit and is more than likely a dealer trying to throw a spanner in the works to fend of a change in law and protect his profits or just a troll with a brain defect that saw a gap between PR ass cheeks at the start of 2012 and crawled in knowing he would get a home there.

    If I really wanted to I could contact my mums uncle who works for the benifits branch of the Government and inform him that Graham is a drug user/ alcoholic , more than likly he would have his benifits checked and lowered if a change in benifits happened but im not like that.

  2. Graham Smith works for the UK government according to his own fb page.

  3. I joined Clear at the start then dumped it after realising what a git Peter is, I realised after that they automatiacally sign you up for a repeat fee with your bank. If you did the same as me check with your bank and cancel the ddi or it will go out forever

  4. To be honest, this action of Manrags does not surprise me in the least,after all this “man” (I use the term “man ” in its loosest sense) has a history of such actions, but this is even lower than I credited him for…He is nowt more than a parasite….In fact he and PRick deserve each other…They are well suited imo…..both should cLEAR off….Nobody likes a grass…..

  5. Kevin John Braid

    i have been accused of making a forgery, now WHERE have we heard this before… WELL Derek is more than welcome to add me on skype so i can share screens with him, he will see perfectly fine that it is indeed a legit screenshot…

    i was blocked by Derek, is this how the EXEC acts, shows their true colours i think

  6. Nothing new here; Clear are not a legalisation party they are a licence for suitable people party. Licences for the 1%, like medician wheel who want to produce their patches here. You won’t be getting a licence, in fact I doubt if your right to BUY would even be represented, if he could get the right for suitable people to produce he would claim a victory and sit on his hands bloking further progress.

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