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Peter Reynolds goes undercover

Author: James Collins

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole year.  We have now passed the first anniversary of CLEAR UK publishing a statement publicly calling blogger and activist Sarah McCulloch a “genetically confused half-werewolf half-woman”, thus escalating what was still then a minor conflict into a yearlong struggle for the reputation of one Peter Reynolds. 

What a year it has been at that.  Peter isn’t showing signs of slowing down just yet, he continues his rampage of completely irrational behavior seemingly oblivious to the effect it is having on his public image.

Peter is threating some people with legal action, as you may have read or heard over a bong hit amongst friends.  He is suing them for defamation, after this whole situation escalated following his clearly derogatory remarks.  His hypocrisy is great fun at times, so I personally hope he doesn’t kick the grain alcohol and move on to more sensible behaviors.  Not since Monty Python called it quits has there been such keenly satirical theater of the absurd – and Peter isn’t even joking.

It gets much better, though.  Along with his threat of a lawsuit, Peter is now impersonating a journalist.  Well, aside from mislabelling himself as a journalist in regular terms (you see his byline anywhere?  Me either), he has gone as far as to stage a phony investigation of a drug law reform group under the false identity of James Clay.

You can look up James Clay Investigative Journalist; you should find it leads you to nothing.  There quite simply is no James Clay in the journalism game, which is easy for anyone with a computer to determine.   Since the majority of the activism today takes place using computers, and all the people Peter was looking to fool use computers on a daily basis, you would think that such a ham-handed attempt at deception would immediately fall into the “bad idea” bin.  Not so for Peter.  He isn’t about to let things like common sense and elementary reason get in the way of his…whatever it is he thinks he is doing.

Peter Reynolds poses as investigative journalist James Clay
The only known photograph of investigative reporter James Clay.

So naturally, when the focus of his nefarious scheme, the above mentioned Ms. McCulloch, was made aware of his activities she immediately ascertained that there was something fraudulent afoot.  How right she was.  When contacting the drug reform group Re:Vision to inquire about their finances, Peter actually left them with his own phone number.  This is the same phone number that was, until these events came to a head, posted on the CLEAR UK website as their central contact number.

Think about that.  Peter Reynolds tried to impersonate a journalist to a bunch of net-savvy activists using his own fucking phone number!  The same number that leads to the CLEAR UK site in a search engine!

Even a ten-year-old would have blocked the number, provided only a fake email contact, and at least cooked up a fake profile of some kind online.  Peter only goes to the trouble of creating phony personas online when his penis is involved, and I guess his booze-addled mind failed to connect the dots; how the hell was he supposed to know somebody would have the time to go through every number in the phone book and identify him?  It beggars belief to some of us, those with three digit IQ scores, that the man could be this incredibly dimwitted and still operate something as complicated as a personal computer or a phone.

This is another of the myriad personal flaws I find so deeply amusing.  Not only are his cons low-rent, they are also pitifully dated and transparent.  He is trying to impersonate a journalist in 2013 using a 1930’s level of sophistication.  Assuming that you could hand out your listed phone number without somebody tracing it back to you and exposing the fact you aren’t J.D. Rockefeller as you claimed is either a special kind of drunken stupid, or maybe just plain lazy.

Maybe it wasn’t Peter who contacted Re:Vision in the first place.  You would be justified to rush to this conclusion, it’s hard to swallow that anybody was this dazzlingly foolish.  Peter Reynolds, somewhat luckily for all involved, sinks to the occasion once again and erases any ambiguity whatsoever.  You may have already heard this little audio tidbit, but we are representing it to be absolutely sure – and because it’s fun.  A little bird had occasion to call James Clay/Peter Reynolds/Willy Wonka, or whatever he was calling himself that particular hour, and inquire about the inquiries made by the alleged journalist.

You catch the good part?  First Peter doesn’t seem to know who James Clay is.  Bear in mind all accounts of his behavior point to a raging alcoholic, so we can safely assume that he is well in his cups when the call takes place.  Then he asks if the caller is saying “James Clay” and confirms that he is in fact pretending to be such a person by answering in the affirmative a half dozen times, far too much affirmation for a man who didn’t need to be reminded he is an investigative journalist named James Clay.  He is then mysteriously robbed of his hearing, and perhaps his senses, and flees to his plastic tumbler of Everclear.

After this rather amusing little episode Sarah McCulloch wrote a piece on the subject and published it on her blog.  Not long after that Politics UK, the head of which has enjoyed his own engagements with Peter Reynolds, picked up the story and republished it.  Peter then promptly sent them an email threatening to file papers against them.  He’s quick on the draw with the litigious bluffs; he must spend a good third of his waking hours these days contemplating who to threaten next.  Bear in mind also that this is not the first time Peter has issued such a vacant warning to the good folks at PUK.  Nothing follows an empty threat like an even emptier threat.

Peter Reynolds threatens Politics UK
Peter Reynolds threatens Politics UK with legal action for publishing a story about him.

It’s a dinner of tap water with ice cubes for dessert.

Peter issued some of his patented whimsy to Cannabis for Autism recently as well, so why wouldn’t he threaten somebody who didn’t skew wantonly sympathetic?

Julian Pursell of Cannabis for Autism is threatened by Peter Reynolds
Peter Reynolds threatens medicinal cannabis user Julian Pursell.

In case you have forgotten along the way, please remember that this happened because a “politician” contacted a student group posing as a reporter and gave them his own phone number, which is listed, under both himself and his “political party”.  You can’t make this shit up.

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  1. i wish to state that Reynolds is clearly some type of “path” CLEAR needs to boot the exec and hold elections i think

  2. The man is a complete and utter fool. You also have to question the sanity of the very small number of people who still support this looney.

    The phone call where he gets caught out pretending to be James Clay is hilarious. Reynolds certainly is a nasty piece of work who reports medicinal cannabis users to the police on a regular basis and writes offensive racist blogs, however, he does, as James quite rightly says, provide a lot of comedy.

  3. this is better than any soap or beheading, more more more keep fucking it up peter you give me so much joy. cant someone get annoymous to check him out. im sure they can dig the dirt and possibly give the Zetas his address as they like people like P.R. NO ONE LIKES A GRASS

  4. Remember folks there’s a £250 cash reward for anyone who can give details of Peter Reynolds’ fraud conviction and why he got sent down. If you know why Peter Reynolds was sent to prison, we’d love to know, … if you can give us the details of his fraud conviction, once verified, we’ll give you £250.


  5. Don’t forget Peter has been caught using sock puppets before. Anyone remember Dr Carla Margam?

    She appeared a couple of years ago – popping up whereever Peter needed some backup. She was a researcher, and had worked with Les Iversen himself don’tcha know. There was oddly little else online about her anywhere – certainly an oddity these days to totally lack an internet presence.

    Her online presence grew, right up to her appearing on Facebook as a full blown character (originally, bizarrely, with a profile picture of Tina Fey, before it was changed to something more generic and blurry).

    She even started a WordPress blog, amounting eventually to two posts – one a basic psychosis essay and the other a staunch defence of Peter Reynolds.

    She oddly disappeared into the ether after someone did some research and found no trace of a Carla Margam registered as a doctor in the UK, and Peter was reminded that impersonating a doctor is a serious criminal offence.

    She did make one satirical reappearance on Amazon (look up her sole review on Amazon for lolz).

    Lucky Peter has his dog Carla for company.

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