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Peter Throws a Tantrum

Author: James Collins

I reported that the Jewish Chronicle has reported that Peter Reynolds failed in his bid to sue Sarah McCulloch and ended up with an order to pay her expenses.  How did Peter react?  You can probably guess.  Just pretend that your screaming toddler throwing toys around their bedroom has the head of a balding, middle-aged man.  

Peter Reynolds, leader of CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform loses libel action against Sarah McCulloch.
Peter Reynolds throw a tantrum.

Now that you’re going to spend the next six weeks drinking rubbing alcohol in the hopes of erasing that deeply perturbing image out of your mind, let me get to the point.  We had to expect that Peter would respond in some way.  What has that been?

Firstly he got Orson Boon, founder of the London Cannabis Club, banned from Facebook, yet again.  In the grand scheme this does little more than inconvenience Orson for a few hours and brings fresh relevance to the almost-defunct Facebook page “Unban Orson Boon”. It had little over four-hundred likes and in the space of a few hours went over a thousand. The reasoning behind this ban was the fact that Orson shared Sarah McCulloch’s blog about how Peter’s legal action had failed and now he was going to have to pay her money.

It’s pretty damn petty.  He can’t seem to get Sarah herself kicked off social media, so he went after someone who publicly supported her.  If you don’t know Orson is involved with the London Cannabis Club, a growing movement for legalization, and is himself a medical cannabis user.  He was merely sharing a new development in relevant news, so this banning is totally irrational.  Apparently Peter Reynolds is free to spout bigoted garbage about all manner of groups, but Orson can’t point out that the courts have refused to support Peter’s assertion that he is beyond reproach.

Orson Boon London Cannabis Club
Unban Orson Boon from Facebook

That wasn’t the only manifestation of the Rage of Reynolds, sadly.  He also chose to post this rather public diatribe.  He asserts once again that Sarah is mentally ill, that she has obtained a fraudulent judgement by “deception” and that he is going to sue her again. You couldn’t make it up.

Peter Reynolds is not a happy bunny about losing libel action against Sarah McCulloch and being ordered to pay her costs.
Peter Reynolds doesn’t like the fact the Royal Courts of Justice made a judgement not in his favour and ordered he pays Ms McCulloch’s costs.

That’s right.  Peter should be cutting his losses, but he’s pulling out those last precious follicles and promising to double-down on his own stupidity and quite literally go for broke.  He’s already broke by any assessment, so I suppose it doesn’t really matter.  He’ll have enough trouble paying for the initial finding of costs against him; I can only imagine further losses would hurt even more deeply.

What a masochist.

What is interesting to note about his statements is that he repeats the claim that Sarah McCulloch is “mentally ill”.  Let us be CLEAR about this: Autism is not a form of “mental illness”.  Sarah by no means fails any test of rationality or intellect.  Peter himself boasts that he almost finished high school, while Sarah is currently pursuing yet ANOTHER post-secondary degree.  Of a dysfunctional washed-up alcoholic who left school to bum around Europe and sell LSD and an ambitious young student with a bright future ahead of her, I know who I suspect is suffering from “mental illness”.

For that matter, alcoholism is a mental illness.  Peter has repeatedly admitted to a level of ethanol consumption that would be considered pathological by all but the most heroically stubborn deniers.   If you drink every day then you are an alcoholic.  You might be highly functioning, but you’re still addicted to alcohol.  If you drink alone every day, you are most certainly an alcoholic.  Your two dogs sleeping on the dirty, neglected carpet don’t count as social interaction.  Peter is an alcoholic, considerable as mentally ill, and engaged in the worst kind of hypocrisy.

He wants to be forgiven for his own transgressions and yet he thinks he can publicly indict somebody for their alleged mental illness.  He displays an egregious lack of understanding about what Autism is, or what its medical classification is.  Sarah McCulloch is NOT mentally ill by any professional definition of the term; Peter Reynolds most certainly is.

I guess it’s just another case of the pot calling the kettle jet-black.

It also entirely misses the point.  It doesn’t matter if even Sarah McCulloch were mentally ill (she isn’t).

Her examination of his statements stands on its face.  I invite you again to read her blog, I like to suggest you read it back-to-back with Peter’s ceaseless drivel.  The attack on her person is of no relevance at all.  It is in and of itself a form of libel and a violation of the Equality Act for him to dismiss her summarily on the basis of his notion that she is mentally ill, regardless of the veracity of that assumption.

Once again, in insisting he is not a bigot Peter Reynolds actually engages in bigotry!  He can’t even stop being that way long enough to say he isn’t, it creeps right in there on his breath like the stench of cheap whiskey.

Even more ridiculous in his statement is the overcompensation for his less-than-latent anti-Semitism, where he goes off on a tangent about the “great Jewish civilization”.  The Jewish people have been scattered, broken up, chased, harassed and persecuted, to the point they didn’t get their own national soil until a few scant decades ago.  They could not be labelled as a singular group of people at this point any more than all Caucasians share common culture.  If you met some New York Jewish yuppies and introduced them to some Orthodox Jewish Rabbis in Israel they would have very little in common.

It’s a little hard to salute in all directions at once.  Peter would know that if he had any but the most caricatured and hateful notion in his head of just who “the Jews” actually were.  I suspect the mental picture he sees upon thinking the word “Jewish” is a bit like the following picture.

Peter Reynolds
Peter ‘Borat’ Reynolds.

A tiger can’t change its stripes, an old dog can’t learn new tricks, and Peter Reynolds can’t help but be a raving, bigoted old crank.  Some things never change, even in a universe where the only constant is supposed to be transience.  I suppose eventually Peter will get too old to pretend to run a political party that doesn’t exist, but in the meantime he sure causes a lot of headaches for people who actually have more important things to do than file court documents about an argument on Facebook.

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  1. He is as welcome as a fart in a lift and just as hard to get rid of unfortunately

  2. Has he answered to CLEAR members yet on who is funding these legal cases ? Or are CLEAR member to scared to ask incase Peter bans them from clear then reports them to fb ? Surly he does not command a massive wage from CLEAR so where does the cash come from ? And WHEN he looses ALL his cases how will he pay for all the costs ? Will the members pick up the tab or will he go all out and claim bankruptcy ? He seems to have alot of questions to answer from clear members but for some reason nobody seems to be asking . I would want to know after all ( if i was a paying clear member thank god im not ) that my money was going to cannabis causes and not personal court cases , cocaine , cheap wisky and hookers . These queations should be answered by him and a finance statement released by clear to prove it .

  3. I tried asking whether clear membership was being used to fund the court cases. I also sent a copy of Sarah’s blog I was subsequently banned from the clear page.

  4. Unpalatable as it may be, this is a matter for the police.

  5. just finished a 12 hour ban from fb for suggesting that folk check out this site before joining clear.oh i did call him that wanker reynolds he,s such a sensitive soul lol

    • amusing that on reynolds page yesterday he admitted to being a masturbater,an accusation i got banned for, in a humorous(sic)article n now his page is unavailable

  6. This is disgraceful. I have advised Sarah to file an application to have Reynolds declared a ‘vexatious litigant’. Someone who interviewed Reynolds many times for politics UK kept publishing that my partner was a’sexually perverted diagnosed severe paranoid schizophrenic” and contacting real world acquaintances and repeating the libel and defamation, seems to go with the territory for anyone that is a supporter of Reynolds.

  7. @ Maharg, Sarah made a complaint to the dorset police about Reynolds homophobia towards her, they did nothing. That is because the dorset police are proven to be institutionally homophobic by Peter Tatchell, you can see Peter’s publication about it in the documentary at the top of this page http://www.dorsetpolice.tv

  8. Peter Reynolds says there is a hearing on Friday 11 April to re-open this case and have it set aside. I’d like to know if this is being taken seriously as each time I think this is over it seems to re-invent itself.

  9. Nothing Reynolds says or does can be taken seriously, the man is a clown.

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