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Reynolds wants disabled people to be used as slave labour

Reynolds defends a racist, a sex offender, an MP who posts his cock on the internet & a right wing Tory cunt.

Author: Mustafa Al-Farooq

Peter Reynolds Watch has reported before on the extreme ramblings of the President of CLEAR, such as his defence of paedophiles Jimmy Savile and Jeremy Forest, the schoolteacher who abducted his 15 year old pupil for a sex romp in France.

Normally, we don’t bother to comment on his mad ramblings, however his latest diatribe labelling disability rights campaigners as parasites, left even those familiar with Reynolds’ offensive views with dropped jaws.

Yes you heard right – a man who claims to campaign for the rights of disabled cannabis users (when he’s not suing them or grassing them up to the police) has referred to them all as parasites, and suggested that they are only worth two pounds an hour.

Peter Reynolds defends Lord Freud
Peter Reynolds’ blog defends fascists, racists and sex offenders.

In case you don’t follow current affairs, multimillionaire Conservative Peer and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, recently suggested some disabled workers not worth “the full wage”.

The welfare minister was overheard at the Tory conference discussing plans to introduce a £2 minimum wage band just for disabled people.

Lord Freud’s comments were condemned almost universally by politicians across the political spectrum; as well as by disabled rights groups, Trade Unions and pretty much any right thinking person. Not so by Peter Reynolds, who wrote “It is reasonable, intelligent and compassionate to suggest that disabled people might benefit from work in which they could not justify payment of the minimum wage”.

He further went on to say “The abuse levelled at this man by attention-seeking politicians, disability rights campaigners and other parasites is disgusting.” – in other words he thinks people who campaign for the rights of disabled people are parasites.

Britain is a bully nation. You try to shop the disabled out as a source of poverty labour, or fuck a few kids, and suddenly it’s all “scumbag” this and “burn the fucker” that. Damn fanatics everywhere, the whole nation lost its dignity. He should write a book detailing the gentler side of Stalin. His love of needlepoint and fine tea sets.

It’s all projection; he pictures himself as the man of note, and figures this is just like pot smokers rejecting his bullshit.

Not only does Reynolds state Lord Freud is a victim of abuse and bullying because people dared to criticise his views that disabled people are only worth paying £2 an hour, he goes on to defend vile racist Jim Davidson and convicted sex offender Dave Lee Travis.

Perhaps less surprisingly he comes to the defence of Brooks Newmark, the Tory MP who has been transmitting pictures of his manhood over the Internet, since we know Pete has a penchant for that himself.

Peter Reynolds Cannabis Law Reform BDSM sex profile
Peter Reynolds whips his cock out on BDSM dating site alt.com. (We have blurred out the XXX pic)

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  1. He is so despicable and repulsive, it beggars belief. I hope he gets what he deserves really really soon.

  2. Jenny, I gather he’ll be soon be getting an official order from the Royal Courts of Justice to pay Chris Bovey’s legal bill of £26,000 following his disastrous attempt to sue him for defamation.

  3. He wants the 2 quid wage so he can con disabled clear members into cleaning his flat and office and pay them just that 2 quid an hour .

  4. Is this cunt still alive?

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