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Peter Reynolds Throws a Tantrum (yet again)

Author: James Collins The childish histrionics of Peter Reynolds and his loyal lap-dog Derek Williams have reached a new and baffling low.  They have managed, with great measure of whining and moaning, to get the moderators of Politics UK taken off Facebook.  That isn’t much of a feat, considering the …

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Reynolds gets Facebook to censor his critics

… and Derek Williams makes a tit of himself (again!) Authors: James Collins and Kevin John Braid Last week we reported on the hilarious revelation Peter Reynolds had been posing as an investigative reporter called James Clay, trying to dig non-existent dirt on one of his many critics. Reynolds’ predictable …

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Peter Reynolds thinks sex with minors is ok. WTF?

Author: James Collins If you’re at all interested in the ever-evolving story of how Peter Reynolds needs to learn to shut up, then you know about his blog.  If you don’t, have a peek at this gem, it should have you sufficiently enraged.  Well, if you’re a decent person who …

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