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Reynolds gets Facebook to censor his critics

… and Derek Williams makes a tit of himself (again!)

Authors: James Collins and Kevin John Braid

Last week we reported on the hilarious revelation Peter Reynolds had been posing as an investigative reporter called James Clay, trying to dig non-existent dirt on one of his many critics.

Reynolds’ predictable reaction was to threaten to sue anybody who reproduced the truthful article, of course everyone knew his threats to sue were empty, since he hasn’t got a pot to piss in (suing is expensive) and even if he did, he hasn’t got a character to defame in the first place.

Reynolds next strategy has been to contact hosts to get stuff removed, as he has done unsuccessfully with our hosts in Iceland. The original phone call where he admits to being an an investigative journalist by the name of James Clay has been removed from SoundCloud at the request of Reynolds.  It is worth noting that Peter Reynolds would have no claim to the usage of this file without a tacit admission that he is, in fact, James Clay.  Subtlety is often lost on Peter.

Don’t worry, nobody was ever going to let such a wonderful piece of comedy disappear from the Internet, so here it is again ….

Editors note: The above recording was originally hosted on SoundCloud, but Peter Reynolds had it removed, it was then hosted on liveleak.com, but Reynolds had it removed again, in less than 24 hours. It is now hosted on on Hosticeland.is hopefully safely out of the reach of his phoney legal threats; we have been assured by Host Iceland’s legal department they would only consider removing the clip such a request came from James Clay, since the caller clearly identifies himself as James Clay, not Peter Reynolds.

Facebook too have been removing articles critical of Peter Reynolds. Politics UK republished Sarah McCulloch’s blog with a link on their Facebook page, however, it was removed and an email from Reynolds was sent to Alan Wyllie threatening to sue. Alan put it straight back up and told Reynolds to shove his legal threats where the sun don’t shine.

Critical post about Peter Reynolds Politics UK Facebook that Reynolds had removed.
Post on Politics UK Facebook that Peter Reynolds had removed.

This time Führer failed to get the critical article removed and it stayed up there. Unlike Peter, Alan actually knows real lawyers and they just laughed when they were shown Reynolds’ emails threatening legal action, advising that Reynolds was “pulling his chain, badly”.  We laugh, you laugh, the legal community laughs – Petey boy sure missed his calling in stand-up comedy.

This didn’t stop Reynolds from pulling Alan’s chain further, repeatedly emailing him asking for his address, so he gave him the details of a lawyer in Paisley (who does not represent him).

So Peter Reynolds contacted Robert Dunn and they replied “your purported intimation of claim is therefore ineffective”.

Email from Alan Wyllie to Peter Reynolds
Alan Wyllie of Politics UK tells Peter Reynolds where to get off.

A few days later, Führer realises Alan is pulling his chain and given him contact details of a lawyer who is not representing him (perhaps Reynolds hired James Clay to investigate?)

Peter Reynolds email about Robert Dunn and Alan Wyliee
Peter Reynolds wants to be taken seriously.

Alan Wyllie, not in the least bit perturbed by Peter Reynolds, emails him back:

Peter Reynolds email
Alan Wyllie has had enough of Peter Reynolds (who hasn’t?)

This time no reply, so Alan decides to rattle der Führer’s cage a little more ….

Email to Peter Reynolds
Peter Reynolds gets his cage rattled.

Don’t call the number, you’ll get through to Alan’s local police station in Scotland.

Another person who shared the Sarah McCulloch’s article exposing Reynolds pretending to be a journalist called James Clay was Orson Boon, who runs the London Cannabis Club, the largest UK based cannabis Facebook page (they overtook CLEAR a few months ago). Unbelievably, Orson was given a three day ban from Facebook for publishing a link to the truth about Peter Reynolds. One wonders if Facebook would issue a ban for posting critical links of the BNP leader, Nick Griffin? The banning of Orson Boon massively backfired, since news soon spread on Facebook, which resulted in lots of people asking questions about Peter Reynolds and the link getting re-posted all over Facebook and a page sprung up demanding they unban Orson Boon.

Enough about Reynolds, he is not the only fool in the sinking ship CLEAR, this week Derek Williams, the webmaster of CLEAR and right hand man of Reynolds the racist, has also been providing much entertainment by demonstrating what a massive tit he is.

Asked by a Facebook user to comment on Sarah McCulloch’s article, Derek posted a ridiculous comment decrying her attacks on poor Peter Reynolds. Honestly, what is the world coming to when a man can’t pretend to be a journalist to try and bring grief to people he doesn’t like anymore? Derek’s comment is worth reading in full for the hilarious hypocrisy of what came after.

Derek Williams of CLEAR defends Peter Reynolds
Derek Williams defends his Führer.

Someone then published this comment by Derek, under Derek’s name, on Sarah’s blog. Because they had entered Derek’s email, a gravatar of his little bespectacled self appeared. For those of us who don’t know, a gravatar is an image which you can attach to your email address and which will appear on participating blogs when you comment (including WordPress blogs, about 30% of all blogs). If you have a WordPress picture of yourself, then you also have a gravatar.

Derek, arriving a few hours later, commented that he didn’t know how someone had gotten into his “account” to post the comment, but it didn’t matter because he had changed the password. Then a few hours later, he commented again, demanding that Sarah call the police on the devil who had “hacked” him.  Try to keep in mind now that this man works in Information Technologies in some capacity.

Derek Williams
Derwek Williams

Sarah briefly commented, explaining the gravatar system, and that there is nothing to hack, because anyone can post a comment to her blog without an account. Which you’d think Derek would know. Did we mention that Derek Williams is supposed to be the Webmaster of not one, but TWO websites? That are, you know, on the internet?

Derek, embarrassed, then switched tack to demanding that the “impersonator’s” comment, of his own words, be deleted. Sarah explained that she didn’t want to do this because it puts the rest of the thread out of context, and there’s no way that anyone would believe by that point that Derek had posted it. And it makes Derek look like a tit, which is always a good reason to do something.

But rational explanations aren’t good enough for Derek. Only explanations that are “acceptable” to him are good enough. He’s sure that any opinion that he holds will eventually be adopted as reality if he says it often enough. In fact, he was so sure that just posting about it enough would ensure compliance that he has posted twenty five times on Sarah’s blog since Friday, demanding that the comment be taken down. The comment of his own words, remember. What’s so wrong with his own words that he’s willing to spend three days commenting on a post to try and get it taken down? He even wrote to Sarah’s ISP to try and get the comment removed:

Derek Williams of CLEAR
Derek Williams’ complaint to Sarah McCulloch’s ISP.

As Peter Reynolds Watch went to press, Derek is still posting to Sarah’s blog, all the way claiming he just cares about the comment and has nothing to say about Peter Reynolds getting caught red-handed pretending to be a journalist. At least he admits that Peter Reynolds did moonlight as James Clay, which is more than Peter Reynolds has managed.  Derek just obviously can’t stand having somebody accurately quote him, in proper context.

Really, if you look at his tirades on the balance, the most sensible thing he’s had to say on the matter is the statement he wants removed.


Since publication of this article, the following morning Politics UK Facebook mods woke up to find their accounts blocked. Alan Wylie and two other Politics UK mods have had their Facebook account deleted, the reason – for posting Sarah McCulloch’s article exposing how Peter Reynolds, the leader of CLEAR, had been impersonating a journalist called James Clay.

For more info … http://politicsuk.eu/is-the-leader-of-clear-impersonating-a-journalist/



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  1. Whenever you think “they can’t get any worse” one of them always pops up to lower the bar even further. I used to get angry about them but now I just laugh at the incompetent buffoons – everything they now do is so pathetic it only warrants derision and ridicule.

  2. I laughed so hard at that phone call clip. Wow.

  3. impersonating anyone is a criminal offence, why is this bloke still in power at clear, most political types would of stepped down by now or been forced. The racist alky must go. Its not just a few haters Derek its hundreds if not thousands soon to be millions of people who hate P.R. and his mates @ G.W. cartels and criminal gangs plus 90% of government. P.R. is a shadow who is losing fast, roll out the barrel and bring on norml uk we need show there is only one uk cannabis lobby, maybe if they changed there name from clear to cloudy infected pisswater. They may get somewhere.

  4. and Derek is the greatest coward that ever dared to call himself an activist, I piss on him….

    I know this fucker, he is not an activist, he lives off the prohibition of cannabis…

    how could this have happened, two total nutters in charge of cannabis activism in the UK???

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