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Jewish Groups Focus on Peter Reynolds

The controversy over Peter Reynolds’ racist and antiSemitic blogs, which came to the attention of the Jewish Chronicle, has now been picked up by the Jewish Defence League UK.  

Slob Peter ReynoldsNo matter how much CLEAR and Reynolds try to brush this off, his remarks, even after he edited them slightly, changing the phrase “evil Jews” to “evil Israelis”, go way beyond what any reasonable person would call legitimate criticism of the Israeli government. Calling Jewish people Nazis is deplorable in every sense of the word. The fact he then changed his blog and lied about it being a forgery only serves to make matters worse.

It’s no wonder Jewish publications and Jewish lobby groups are up in arms about Mr Reynolds and his antisemitism, they have every right to be and now Reynolds has put himself on the national scene by standing in the Corby by-election he will do nothing but bring the UK cannabis campaign into disrepute.

Reynolds should go now, he is an embarrassment and his views are vile; they certainly have no place in any modern campaigning organisation.

He’s done a darn good job of upsetting Jewish groups in the first week of his election campaign to be the Member of Parliament for Corby standing on the Cannabis Law Reform ticket. I wonder how long it will be until gay rights groups find out about his homophobic blogs and give the cannabis community more bad press? I suspect there is a sizeable Pakistani community in Great Britain that might take umbrage at Reynolds labeling the entire nation of Pakistan as wicked and evil.

Perhaps Asian people will be offended at Reynolds’ claim they bought their degrees and there are too many of them.

How long until the media show an interest in his sleazy sex profiles advertising for schoolgirl types to be his sex slave?  Like the antisemitic blogs, Reynolds claims these are forgeries, however, they date back to 2006 so cannot be forgeries, since nobody had heard of him back then.

Peter Reynolds' sleazy sex profile
Peter Reynolds’ sleazy sex profile on a BDSM site that Reynolds claims is a forgery.

Naturally, just like the antisemitic blogs, Reynolds claims these are forgeries, though any expert in graphic design should tell you they are genuine, however, Reynolds himself admitted to a number of people they were real and said as much on Facebook, complaining “you’re not allowed to be heterosexual anymore”.

Facebook screenshot
More homophobia from Reynolds.

Reynolds, aged 55, had been using the cyber nickname, Lovepeaceguru to advertise on sex sites for submissive young ladies, nothing illegal about that, however he must be crazy if he can seriously expect to stand for office without that coming back to bite him in the bum, especially given the fact he’s made homophobic blog entries in the past calling homosexuals “perverted fools”. Some of the online profiles are too rude to show in this post, for the not easily disturbed here is one of his X-rated ones.

This one is dated 2006 …

Sex profile of lovepeaceguru
Lovepeaceguru’s sex ad dated 2006.

What is clear, excuse the pun, is that Reynolds is damaging the cannabis campaign in Great Britain. It would be hard to find a more unsuitable candidate than Reynolds and while his constant gaffes might be amusing, they are not doing the cannabis campaign any good. He is a dreadful ambassador for reform, he must go now!

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  1. Petes edits make for a very confusing post. At least before the edit he made sense, in Petes opinion all jews are evil. Simple. Now apparently only Israel is evil, so what on earth does that have to do with Anne Frank?

    I’ve heard it mentioned a few times now in relation to Reynolds and I guess it is possible for an ignorant fool to conflate Jews, Israelis and Zionism and that this doesn’t necessarily equate to them being an anti-Semite. Pete is clearly an ignorant fool, but as the JDL for all their faults point out, to conflate the story of Anne Frank with the actions of the Israeli state is more than a little odd for someone that claims not to be anti-Semitic and not something I can comprehend as being down to stupidity, not even with the level shown by Pete.

  2. Peter actually seems to look better in some of these photos than he does in real life. I advise anybody else not to look at the X-rated profile immediately after lunch though.

    Let’s face it, he has to be a plant (pun intended). You couldn’t make this stuff up. Who benefits from all this, because it certainly isn’t the drug policy reform movement.

  3. Its fine to criticise public figures – mostly Reynolds invites it. but I dont think you can justify posting pictures from date sites. He’s not done anything illegal and his private life is his private life and you dont have any right to broadcast or score points off however much you dislike him. Your stooping to the level of the tabloid press – I think you should be above that, especially given the ammo he’s handing you elsewhere. Id show youre above it and take this material down.

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