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Reynolds threatens student with the police for asking about his blogs

Author: Kevin John Braid

Peter Reynolds Watch have been forwarded an email exchange between Peter Reynolds and a student from Tresham College of Further and Higher Education in Corby asking about his anti-Semitic rants.

In this email exchange, the student emails Mr Reynolds to inform him it has been proposed to invite him to participate in a lecture at the local college regarding his stance on cannabis, since he is a candidate in the Corby by-election.

The student has seen screenshots of Reynolds’ anti-Semitic blog posts, where he talks about “evil Jews” and his “disturbing views on immigration and homosexuality”. He states his Student Union prides itself on tolerance and diversity, Reynolds is asked to clarify what he meant and if he still stands by those words.

Email exchange with Peter Reynolds.
We’ve heard you’re a bit dodgy, any comments?

The email was dated 20th September, a few days after I had exposed on this web site how Reynolds had been lying that the anti-Semitic screenshots of his blog were forgeries. We provided proof from The Way Back Machine they were indeed genuine. Would Reynolds finally come clean and fess up …. Er no, same old denials claiming they are forgeries and he’s been subject to a hate campaign, blah blah!

Reply from Peter Reynolds
They’re all trolls and liars, blah blah …

The student thanks Reynolds for his prompt response and tries to get further clarification. He informs him he is of Jewish descent on his mother’s side. In particular he tells Reynolds he is concerned about the phrase “I curse the evil Jews”. He asks him point blank, did he write those words and if so, what exactly did he mean by them and does he still stand behind those words.

Reply to Peter Reynolds.
Did you write “I curse the evil Jews”?

Reynolds is in a sticky situation now. Is it time for him to finally come clean and tell the truth? Will he be clear? No, he simply gives a short answer, again stating he did not write those words and that he made his position perfectly clear in his last email, refusing to give any further comment.

Reply from Peter Reynolds.
Peter Reynolds: “I did not write those words.”

Our student friend does not give up; he confronts Reynolds directly, asking him how come a snapshot from 2009 at archive.org indicates in fact he did write those words? Reynolds is asked directly: “Now either you are lying, or archive.org is lying or has been hacked? Which is it?”

Email to Peter Reynolds.
Who is lying, archive.org or you?

It must be high time for Reynolds to finally admit the “evil Jews” comments are genuine and he did indeed pen them. Surely he cannot wriggle his way out of this one. Reynolds cannot seriously with a straight face expect anybody to believe the Way Back Machine was hacked. He’s banged to rights is he not! There’s no way he can respond to this other than to finally admit the screenshots of his blog are genuine … I’m afraid not, Reynolds has one final trick up his sleeve. Can you guess what that is?

Hey you’re good, that’s right, he threatened to call the police on the student. Reynolds’ answer to being confronted with irrefutable proof that the screenshots of his blog entries where he rants about “evil Jews” are not a forgeries and he has been lying, is to once again get on the Bat Phone to Commissioner Gordon at Dorset Constabulary.

Reynolds writes: “If you persist then I am very ready to add your name to the list of individuals about whom I have made complaints to the police concerning forgery, offences under the Computer Misuse Act 1990, malicious communication and harassment.”

Peter Reynolds threatens to call Dorset police.
Right that’s it, I’ll report you to the police if you don’t stop asking me awkward questions.

WTF! Confronting the leader of a registered political party who is standing in a by-election to be an MP with proof he has been lying, his response, to threaten to report you to the police. If ever there was proof Reynolds is diagnosably mad, this must be it. Dorset police must be sick of him, will it be handcuffs for wasting police time or will he be handed over to the men in white coats? We have the Mental Health Act for a reason.

What does the CLEAR membership think of their dear leader and his antics? Sadly the CLEAR Exec seems to approve.


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  1. Hi. I’m the student who wrote to Mr Reynolds. I was amazed by his response and at first intimidated by it. After a day discussing it with my parents and friends I decided to go public with the emails. Thank you for publishing them.

    When I found this article had been published I replied to Mr Reynolds last email with this.

    “Dear Mr Reynolds.

    Seeing as you are a leader of a political party standing for election, I consider our prior email exchange to be in the public interest. For that reason I have forwarded screenshots of our conversation to the media including Private Eye. I also sent them to a couple of other sites that I discovered and one of those has already published them:


    Never before have I heard of a leader of a political party, who is standing for election, threaten police action against a student for daring to question public words written by said politician, nor for challenging blatant lies written by said politician.

    Personally, I think you are way out of your depth.

    Yours sincerely,


  2. Well done good sir!

  3. Don’t worry Paul. He’s already been warned off by the police for threatening another student blogger (Sarah McCullough) and I’m amazed that he hasn’t been arrested himself.

    But wait a moment, he has!

    A conviction for ‘dishonesty’ twelve years ago, nine weeks on remand in Brixton accused of beating up his girlfriend (no doubt in a totally non-sexist way), I wonder what else is waiting to come out of the woodwork…

  4. i am sad to say this does not surprise me. thanks for making it public.

  5. Its nice he refers to the growing list. I received a screen shit of him slandering me today. Yippee he said he’s suing me and that I am an abuser – he knows full well I suffer from Crohns Dissase! Waaaay out of his depth!

  6. Excellent work Paul, thank you for persisting with this thug. His fall-back position in every disagreement is to threaten to call the police, which is usually sufficient to produce a ‘chilling effect’, particularly upon cannabis users, and even more so with disabled cannabis users who tend to deteriorate with jail time. Reynolds cynically exploits the legal status of cannabis users to silence disagreement.

    Because of his filthy tactics, Reynolds will not be welcomed with handshakes if he dares to come within arms length of the vast majority of cannabis users in the UK. Given the depth of passion that so many people feel towards him, he’d better invest in some kevlar. He’ll be the focal point for disabled people running him down from every direction, beating him with walking sticks, tearing him to shreds in his own personal Black Hawk Down. He’ll wish to God he was only Nick Griffin getting egged.

    My bet is that he pulls out of the election, because above all else, he’s a coward. I *hope* he pulls out because that’ll save a lot of inevitable but unnecessary physical malarkey, and disabled candidate Adam Lotun may get the support he deserves.

  7. Perhaps the JDL will make a formal complaint.

  8. Shame somebody doesn’t batter the cunt.

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