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Peter Reynolds tries to shut down Peter Reynolds Watch

More lies from Reynolds as he tries to silence his critics and lies about working with NORML in the USA.

PETER REYNOLDS WATCH have been forwarded an email exchange between himself and our hosting company Iceland WordPress

In the past, with a certain degree of success, Reynolds has been successful in removing critical articles about him on the Internet; we suspected he did this by sending the hosts strongly worded emails with his usual threats of legal action and police reports.

Take a look at this email he sent to Facebook which resulted in getting pages critical of him removed:

Complaint to Facebook from Peter Reynolds.
Reynolds has a personal contact with Facebook to remove pages that are critical of him.

The correspondence forwarded to us reveals a fascinating insight into the mind of Peter Reynolds and how he operates.

Iceland WordPress told us they take such complaints very seriously and informed us they would have to remove any material from their servers if Reynolds could provide them with evidence the claims on our web site were not true. They informed Reynolds they would remove anything that he could prove was libellous.

Peter Reynolds tries again to silence his critics.
Peter Reynolds tries again to silence his critics.

Serious stuff, Reynolds says it is criminal publishing malicious lies and harassment.

Iceland WordPress emailed Reynolds asking him what parts of the web site he considered libellous and told him they would only remove the web site if he could provide supporting evidence to back up his claim.

So the ball is over in Reynolds’ court, if he can provide evidence this site is libellous then Iceland WordPress will close us down. It’s that simple.

Here is a screenshot of Peter Reynolds’ reply:

Peter Reynolds tells lots of lies to try to shut down this web site.
A catalogue of lies from Reynolds as he tries to persuade the hosts to shut down this web site.

Reynolds offers no evidence as to why what we say on the site is untrue and libellous, but rather lies about having 15,000 members and accuses Kevin John Braid of being mentally ill. He further states the Dorset police and Polish police are investigating Kevin John Braid, who resides in Poland, and that a European arrest warrant is about to be issued to bring him to justice. This is all untrue.

Reynolds includes a series of screenshots including a private email exchange asking about NORML. In one of them Reynolds claims to be working closely with NORML in the US to try and counter the destructive conduct of those who call themselves “NORML UK”.

Peter Reynolds claims he is working with NORML USA.
Peter Reynolds claims he is working with NORML in the USA to counter NORML UK.

Really, Peter Reynolds and CLEAR working with NORML to try and counter the destructive conduct of those who call themselves “NORML UK“. We thought we’d better check up on that one, so James Collins asked NORML in the USA if this was true. Allen St Pierre, Executive Director of NORML in the USA (the top man) said:

“To confirm, NORML has no working relationship with cannabis policy reform groups or think tanks in the UK currently beyond NORML UK, Release, Drugscope and the Beckley Foundation.”

No mention of working with Peter Reynolds and CLEAR, so another lie from Reynolds, just like when he lied about working with Rick Simpson and lied about working with Prof. David Nutt.

Iceland WordPress

We assured Iceland WordPress all the allegations we have made about Peter Reynolds were all true and they informed us from their investigations they too were satisfied there was nothing libellous on the web site. However, they did inform us they have asked Reynolds what statements on Peter Reynolds Watch he considers to be libel and asked him what proof he could provide that our statements are untrue, thus constitute libel. They informed us, if Reynolds were able to do this, they would remove any such articles … guess what, they never heard from him again. He’s full of hot air and bluster folks. He don’t reply coz he knows we write the truth!

Epic fail

So there you have it Peter, your threats of intimidation to shut down your critics on this occasion have failed, … if you really want this site shut down, then provide the evidence to Iceland WordPress to prove our allegations about you are untrue; if you do that then they have said they will close this web site down, we know you will not, because you cannot.

If Reynolds contacts our hosts in Iceland again, we have suggested the following reply to give him:

Fjandinn burt þú kynþáttahatari fáviti!

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  1. Kevin John Braid


  2. Nu-Clear completely supports Peter Reynolds Watch. Thank you all for your work.
    Time for old clear to go

  3. It all sounds like paranoid ranting from Reynolds, lashing out and blaming everybody else for the problems he himself has created – if CLEAR want to progress they will need to rid themselves of their so-called elected leader and replace him with somebody less offensive.

  4. That guy has serious issues and needs to grow up.

  5. That email from January resulted in me losing access to facebook for 24 hours. Being disabled, I rely on facebook as a lifeline. Reynolds got me banned on a day where I was housebound and relapsing with my illness – and was unable to call for help from my support network.

    Peter Reynolds is a pathological liar and a bully. I’m glad that he is being exposed for the big baby that he is.

  6. I believe the 15000 figure comes from the amount of people who follow the party on Facebook, not exactly members. The bloke is living in a fantasy world.

  7. I love how the people mentioned as friends at the beginning are now all ex CLEAR members and now actively work against him. I’ve not had much to do with PR since I quit and and put the very last comment on his old web site, it was a good comment so good he closed his site almost immediately and claimed that he would close it if it began creating problems despite the fact it had been creating problems for at least 6 months. I was shortly after banned from commenting on the CLEAR page when I explained why the Regulate and Tax proposal was geared to handing production to the likes of the tobacco and Phama industries and left nothing for the rest of us but the right to be ‘Tax paying consumers’. I will try to find the comment that ‘closed the blogg’ as I saved it for some reason before it got deleated

  8. love the site. another greeaaaaaaaaaat article. but then again i am mentally unstable and i smoke the erb….so what do i know??

  9. the truth is CLEAR to see peter !

  10. Good that all the info is here for eyes to see!

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