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Peter Reynolds defends kiddy fiddler Jimmy Savile

Author: James Collins

Poor Peter doesn’t know why everyone is outraged about Jimmy Savile.  He thinks there is too much hype about the whole thing.  He thinks people are hysterical.  Have a look, it’s classic Reynolds all the way.  Silly me, I thought that making apologies for a teacher that ran off to France with a teenage student was rock bottom.  Peter isn’t just a digging man; he’s a genuine Welsh miner.  The guy burrows through the bedrock of subhuman opinions like a mole on crystal meth.

Peter Reynolds defends kiddy fiddler Jimmy Savile.
Peter Reynolds dismisses the anger at the Jimmy Savile paedophile scandal.

Now you’ve skimmed the rather terse, callous and also notably ignorant opinion piece Peter has offered up in response to the public hullaballoo about Jimmy Savile and his disgusting proclivities.  Peter wants to let the past be the past I guess, except that it isn’t in the past for the countless victims of Savile and those that worked to cover up his crimes.  For them the nightmare is ever fresh in their minds, and no amount of media hysteria could begin to describe their torment.

The fact that Savile held the position he did as a public figure and still managed to get away with committing sex crimes against children raises some pretty major issues.  What precisely was going on at the BBC that people decided to shelter Savile from the consequences of his actions is something authorities need to figure out.  Willful blindness and behavior which facilitated these crimes falls under the scope of the criminal, and the perpetrators of these crimes need to be brought to justice.

I guess Peter only likes involving the police when it is his reputation at stake.  The lives of countless victims of Savile and whoever else was involved aren’t worth much to him, because they aren’t Peter Reynolds.  It takes a unique kind of arrogance to adopt that position.

Like the Catholic Church sex scandal, or the Boy Scouts of America, the Savile case raises issues of the institutional facilitation of sex crimes.  We aren’t talking about an isolated incident; we are talking about a major British public institution which has fostered a climate appropriate for a sexual predator to ply his trade so freely.  This isn’t one man being drawn into a bad light; it is potentially the entire culture at the BBC.  If that isn’t worth some hysteria, what the hell is?

Peadophile Jimmy Savile
Peadophile – Jimmy Savile

One might draw the conclusion that Peter Reynolds sympathises with men who wish to cultivate sexual relationships with vulnerable minors.

I suspect Peter is trying to be controversial at this stage.  Like a child who isn’t receiving the positive attention he wants from his parents, he lashes out like this in order to substitute the missing attention with a more negative focus.  Peter doesn’t have a clue how to make people like him, but he is damn good at making people hate him.  Since he isn’t getting the cookie he wants, he might as well get a stern lecture when he sets the kitchen on fire.

Perhaps he believes that he can get famous this way.  He might have notions of raising important issues with biting, satirical work.  He might think all kinds of things, the sorry part is that he just comes off as a complete nutcase.  Manufactured outrage at the public anger towards high profile child sex predators isn’t really the way to get people to notice you, that is, unless you lack any talent to offer otherwise.  There, that’s it, isn’t it?

Peter doesn’t have anything useful or intelligent to offer, so he just pisses people off.  Not really the kind of fellow you want representing you in Parliament. I’m sure the voters in the Corby by-election will agree too!

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  1. What I’d like to know is when CLEAR are going to hold an investigation into Peter Reynolds activities…

  2. I don’t have a good word for Saville or Reynolds – not long ago Reynolds was saying that a 30-year-old teacher running away with a 15-year-old schoolgirl to France without parents’ knowledge was just “young love” and not so long ago Reynolds himself was advertising on adating sight for young girls” gagging for my ….” willing to dress up = well I would advise parents to keep their daughters well away from him.

  3. I’d never heard of Peter Reynolds before today, I found this link from Facebook, he appears to be well dodgy; I live in Corby and as a cannabis smoker I probably would have voted for him in this by-election, but I certainly will not now after what I’ve read on this web site.

  4. They have a lot in common. They’re both f***ing immature c*nts.

  5. I had been waiting for this.

    The man is a professional troll.

    “There is absolutely nothing to be gained by the absurd amount of attention this story is getting…” – Peter Reynolds, in the comments from his article – about that story – designed to gain attention.

    Just ignore him, or focus on the important stuff, and ignore his latest outpourings which are nothing but traps.

    • Yep definately a trap. He would clearly much rather this was being discussed than some of his other more damaging outbursts.

      This isn’t going to course Pete any real trouble, it might put a few people off but its not going to stop, say the BBC inviting him on. Its deliberately controversial, but thats all it is, it doesn’t make him a paedo or even a defender of paedos at the most it just makes him a bit of a twat.

      His evil Jews post however does make it very clear that he is an anti-semite. He still hasn’t answered important questions over this and I can’t imagine the BBC inviting him on to the likes of the Vanessa Feltz show if they were aware of his anti-semitic outbursts.

  6. Nonces are scum. The only people who stick up for nonces are people who see nothing wrong with having sex with children. The more I read about this vile man, the more I think a good South African necklessing would be a fine use of a used car tyre and 4 litres of unleaded. Keep up your good work. Maybe the people at CLEAR should check the office computers for kiddy porn pictures…….

  7. peter reynolds is a vile man, seriously, what a bloody liability he is…

    people need to wake up to the fact he is a scheming twiated cuntbag, fleecing the membership and just generally being an alll round dick…

    he doesnt give a toss about the cause, the amount of damage that wife beating convicted fraudster has done is unbelievable…well thank F we have good orgs like NORML UK, RELEASE, LEAP, SSDP and so on, no seriously, go support a good and established org, thats the way for change, supporting asshats like CLEAR is counter productive, immoral and short sited. like CLEAR well activism your doing it wrong, oh so very wrong…

    some of peters statements have been near diagnosable, oh i sure there is a special place on the DSM V for peter….

    i think we should print of a LARGE banner poster using the pic of peter in his twisted dating plea, you all know the one, the one where it looks like he done a shitload of METH lol and protest CORBY !!!

    PETER THE SCREENSHOT I POSTED AS WEBSITE !!! well willl you go now ?




  8. It’s OK Corby voters haven’t heard of him! You dont vote for someone who doesnt knock doors, send info or meet and greet the public. I live in Corby and I’ve never heard of him!

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