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Reynolds threatens disabled activist (again)

Author: Kevin John Braid

Ever since Peter Reynolds took over the old Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA) and rebranded it as CLEAR, he has been reporting his critics to the police and threatening to sue them left right and centre.

Recently, Reynolds has launched High Court writs against four respected cannabis activists, at a cost of £2,145 each, so that’s a grand total of £8,580 he has spent with the Royal Courts of Justice issuing defamation writs against Greg de Hoedt, Chris Bovey, Sarah McCulloch and most recently Alun Buffry, who used to run the old LCA.

One wonders what was going through his mind when he got his cheque book out, since my sources tell me all parties intend to vigorously defend these actions and fully expect to win. Perhaps Reynolds thought they would simply buckle under to his bullying, apologise and pay up?

Two of the people Reynolds issued writs against are registered disabled. In the case of Greg de Hoedt, who is outreach director for NORML UK, he sent the writ to Chris Bovey’s work address, so it was returned straight back to the Royal Courts of Justice, since Greg neither works or resides at that address. Under Civil Procedure Rules it is down to the Claimant to serve papers properly to the correct address, so Reynolds would have to pay the Court to serve them again at the correct address should he wish to pursue his crazy claim against Greg de Hoedt, a disabled medicinal cannabis consumer who Reynolds had previously reported to the police. No action was taken by the police in relation to Reynolds’ complaint against Greg de Hoedt, so now he is trying to use the Courts to bully him.

The Peter Reynolds DIY litigation kit.
Peter Reynolds DIY litigation kit.

Another person to receive a defamation writ was long term cannabis activist, Alun Buffry, who has been a staunch critic of Peter Reynolds’ racist views and the dictatorial way he runs CLEAR.

Alun Buffry told me: “The man’s a fool, as I don’t have any assets even if he did win, even if I just admitted all, which I won’t – now I am on a pension, no house, no car, no savings, seems like he’s clutching at straws.”

Alun says he fully intends to successfully defend this action.

Another person to receive a writ was respected activist and NORML UK treasurer, Chris Bovey.

“I’ve been advised by my lawyers not to comment on this until the proceedings are over, however, rest assured my legal team have submitted a robust defence and we fully intend to fight this and win,” said Mr Bovey.

Medicinal cannabis user, Stuart Wyatt, who has been reported to the police by Peter Reynolds, leader of CLEAR, Cannabis Law Reform.
Stuart Wyatt

Not content with four vexatious lawsuits, Reynolds has been using the CLEAR Twitter feed to threaten disabled activist and musician, Stuart Wyatt, with another lawsuit.

Stuart, a vocal critic of Peter Reynolds since 2011, thought he would ask Reynolds on CLEAR’s Twitter account who was paying the Court fees for these ridiculous lawsuits after seeing a Tweet from Reynolds on the CLEAR Twitter feed saying that “funding goes towards campaigns”.

Here is a screenshot:

Medicinal cannabis user and activist, Stuart Wyatt, gets threatened by Peter Reynolds.
Threatening tweet from Peter Reynolds to Stuart Wyatt.

Reynolds’ response to this was to threaten Stuart Wyatt with a lawsuit of his own. This did not scare off Stuart, who is himself a medicinal cannabis consumer, Stuart tweeted him back saying:  @CLEARUK @TweeterReynolds Another disabled cannabis activist being sued? How many is that now? That is some dedicated ‘campaigning’. lol

Stuart Wyatt tells Peter Reynolds where to get off.
Stuart Wyatt is not intimidated by Peter Reynolds.

This is not the first time Stuart has been threatened by Peter Reynolds. Last year, Peter Reynolds sent him the following threatening email:

Medicinal cannabis user and activist, Stuart Wyatt, gets threatened by Peter Reynolds.
Threatening email from Peter Reynolds to Stuart Wyatt.

Peter Reynolds has also threatened Stuart Wyatt with the police in the past.

Stuart Wyatt said, “I’m amazed he’s taking things this far. After abusing scores of activists, reporting many more to the police, and after being exposed for his lies and criticised for his poor performance, he now thinks that he can stifle free speech by throwing money into the civil court system? My advice to Mr Reynolds is to wait and see how his first four attempts go before he wastes any more of his inheritance.”

Despite being reported to Dorset Police, the Polish Police and apparently Interpol by Peter Reynolds, I have yet to get a lawsuit from him. Perhaps it’s because I live in Poland, however, he’s welcome to waste another £2,145 to sue me, since I stand by every word I have ever written about him.

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  1. Mr Stinky Racist Women Hater 'with a tiny cock' Reynolds

    This saddens me.

    peter reynolds appears to be more interested in ‘fame’ than in leading a group of kind decent people to pursue our common goal of changes to outdated laws and attitudes regarding cannabis.

    with 4 and now maybe 5 court cases happening, does peter reynolds have enough time to spend on his duties as leader of CLEAR????????????????????

    or is he more focused on revenge for those he perceives as his enemies because they have commented on his extreme views regarding homos, chinks etc.

    maybe he should roll a joint and chill the fuck out.

    or maybe he should resign and let somebody who can dedicate their time to ‘representing medical marijuana users’ become leader of CLEAR.

  2. Mister Reynolds just had me blocked on Facebook, and I was threatened with a permanent ban.

    This is not going to pass unnoticed.

  3. I can’t believe this idiot is still leader of clear. He is one dude who needs to be chilled by the peabeful and contemplative spirit of ganja. I reckon PR is a babylon smoker and a top-loader. Let’s hope he stops ranting soon, and clear members wake up soon and bin this hairy babylon misinforming sabateur and wrecker of pot politics.

  4. Reynolds efforts as leader of CLEAR have been an unmitigated disaster. A grassing racist scumbag like PR should not be claiming to represent cannabis users, the sooner he goes the better.

  5. Very interesting and informative blog, thank you very much for all the work you do.

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