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CLEAR: Callous and Confused

Author: James Collins

Perhaps dear reader, you are aware of International Women’s Day.  It is a day marked all around he world, with marches and vigils, to discuss issues that affect women.  Forefront of this is the issue of violence against women, which few people could possibly argue is not a major concern all around the world.  I come from a home where domestic violence was a reality, and so I have a bit of a connection to this issue myself, even as a man.

What a perfect time to promote cannabis!

No.  It isn’t.  It’s really quite outrageous for the man featured in this article …

Peter Reynolds has charges of attacking a women twice dropped on a legal technicality.
Source: www.watfordobserver.co.uk/archive/2002/09/30/Hertfordshire+Archive/5735106.Medical_magazine_editor_has_charges_dropped/

… who made these statements about an alleged victim of sexual assault …

Screenshot from Peter Reynolds' Facebook page insulting Lib Dem activist, Alison Smith.
Peter Reynolds slags off Lib Dem activist, Alison Smith.
Screenshot from Peter Reynolds' Facebook page calling Lib Dem activist a spiteful bitch.
Peter Reynolds calls Alison Smith a spiteful bitch.

… to have the unimaginable audacity to make this tweet …

Cannabis Law Reform / Peter Reynolds tweet
Tweet by Peter Reynolds

Yeah, that’s right; a man with a very questionable set of attitudes towards women decided that he should use International Women’s Day to promote his little political party.  This is a party seemingly headed solely by men, the entire executive is male.

Wait, that’s the CLEAR twitter account, how can we know it is Peter?  Simple, he refers to the policy of prohibition as “evil”, which is one of Peter’s favorite bits of rhetoric.  He likes to call all kinds of things evil, from Jews to prohibition to Pakistan.  Peter Reynolds just loves the word “evil”.  Knowing this, and as he is the leader of CLEAR, we can quite safely surmise that this little bit off silliness is his doing.

In the dirty game of politics one must take opportunities where they present themselves.  This was opportunistic; I will admit to that much.  At the same time, one must be circumspect and not overextend ones efforts at self-promotion.  It is particularly foolish to speak thoughtlessly and appear to be insensitive towards a group that composes over half the population.

This is a big part of my complaint with Peter Reynolds as a representative of cannabis users.  Pot smokers are by and large thoughtful people.  They aren’t reactionary in nature, if anything they are often accused of excessive passivity.  Peter is quite the opposite of that, acting rashly and thoughtlessly at every turn.

One might almost think he drinks a little bit too much.  In fact, one of his online dating profiles states he drinks almost daily.  Yes, when trying to win the affections of women he decided it would be a good idea to admit to a behavior that any addiction specialist would characterize as “alcoholism”.

Online dating profile of Peter Reynolds, leader of CLEAR, Cannabis Law Reform.
Peter Reynolds online dating profile.

Also worth noting is the fact Peter claims a postgraduate degree in his dating profiles, which does not appear on his CV. He is not above lying to attempt to get laid.

Already facing accusations of misogyny, he now turns around and proves that his agenda is more self-promotion than anything else by doing something which would seem universally offensive to all women.  Would he not fly off the handle if women tweeted him on his election day to remind him about women’s issues?

He also laughably characterizes making an ignorant tweet directed at Theresa May as a “chat” with the Home Office.  If that is what qualifies as chatting, I suppose sending fan mail to celebrities makes you the best of friends.

Kim Kardashian and I are pretty tight.  I’ve tweeted her like fifty times.  Sure, she doesn’t respond at all, but she’s just being coy.  She doesn’t want Kanye to find out about us.

Misogyny, narcissism, arrogance, foolishness – the agenda is CLEAR.

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  1. Kevin John Braid


    very good James.

  2. This man disgusts me. Best leave it at that, so I dont get sued 🙂 or bullied by him.

    • I wouldn’t sweat that too much. He’s already exhausted his entire collection of scrounged pennies filing specious action against three people. It will take him fifty years to beg, borrow and steal enough for another filing.

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