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CLEAR wants you to go to prison

Author: James Collins

CLEAR has recently announced a new means by which, they claim, citizens of the United Kingdom can now legally obtain cannabis medicine with a prescription.  The end has come.  Prohibition is over and Peter Reynolds is solely responsible.  Everyone rejoice!!

Okay, perhaps you can put the party hats away.  Like previous declarations of legality involving Jim Pinky Starr and the infamous “decriminalization” claims surrounding an unexciting set of sentencing guideline changes, this is absolute bunk.  It’s weapons-grade bullshit, once again.  Somebody is going to invade Petoria for WMD violations if he keeps this crap up.

Here’s a screenshot of CLEAR’s Press Release in case it disappears:

Lies from Peter Reynolds and CLEAR concerning the legal status of medicinal cannabis in the UK.
Peter Reynolds and CLEAR make untrue claims that medical cannabis is now legal in Britain.

The press release by CLEAR claims that their method, exactly the same one employed by Pinky, is now available to all medical cannabis patients.  All you have to do is donate to CLEAR, buy some plane tickets to Holland, bamboozle your GP into prescribing Bedrocan, and then slip the whole affair past customs.


That’s ridiculous, and even if it were legal it provides for a two tier system where access to medical cannabis is determined by your financial means.  Aside from this test of means it isn’t above board.  The statements by CLEAR make it sound as though they applied for an import license, but does not state if they got one, and there is certainly no paperwork pictured in the accompanying material.  All we have is this anecdote about Clarence Clear and a picture of some Bedrocan containers.  Not much to go on, is it?

Well, what if you, the needy medical cannabis consumer, wanted to partake of this brilliant scheme?  According to these statements the first thing you can do is give money to CLEAR.  So, medical cannabis access is for sale, but only through CLEAR and more specifically Peter Reynolds.  Peter claims to be holding the holy grail of cannabis medicine in the United Kingdom, but he will only share his magnificent secret if you give him money.  Did you get that last part?

Yes.  He’s blackmailing medical cannabis consumers with the dodgiest of dodgy schemes.

Peter Reynolds and CLEAR, Cannabis Law Reform, claim medical cannabis is now legal in the UK, though they provide no evidence to support their claim.
CLEAR claim medical cannabis is legal in the UK now, all you have to do is send them money.
Derek Williams, right hand man of Peter Reynolds and webmaster for CLEAR, Cannabis Law Reform says they did not obtain a license to import medicinal cannabis to the UK
Derek Williams, webmaster of CLEAR, says Peter Reynolds did not obtain an import license.


Now, CLEAR has foolishly admitted that if they were to go public with the details of this process the loophole would be immediately closed by government.  That would seem to suggest that it isn’t truly legal, but is in fact sidestepping some kind of regulation in a way that could lead to arrest and prosecution.  CLEAR claims such a prosecution would be unsuccessful, but anyone who knows someone who has been arrested knows how lengthy and stressful the arrest and trial process is.  They are willing to risk that kind of trauma to an already sick individual in order to gain publicity and donations.  They are not offering help obtaining legal counsel in the event this happens.  When the bus comes along you go under it alone.

What kind of sociopath would do that?

It takes a unique degree of self-involvement to go public with this kind of stunt.  If you were to keep doing it in secret it would be one thing, but it looks like CLEAR might have emailed their notification about the secret method to the press.  It’s written like a press release, one that discusses a Student Activities Council election in the school paper, but a press release none-the-less.  That would suggest Peter was unwise enough to send this to places like the Daily Mail, where they will most certainly want to find this loophole and get a cork in it.  So how can it be secret and public at the same time?

Sounds like a bottle of snake oil to me.  Even CLEAR says it isn’t 100%, although they seem hesitant to admit that the consequences of failure could be a serious criminal charge for attempting to smuggle contraband through customs.  That’s really serious stuff, you do time for that.  We’re not talking about a fine here – that’s a real “go to the bighouse” kind of offence.  In case you just crawled out from under a rock to find this article open on a nearby iPad, prison is really bad.

Peter Reynolds getting the job done.
Peter engages the political process in a meaningful way.

So, Peter declares on behalf of his political party that medical cannabis is now legal in Britain so long as you give him some money and keep your damn mouth shut.  That isn’t much of an open victory, it sounds like an invitation to join a cult.  All you have to do is fork out your entrance fee and Peter will escort you to Nirvana.  No deposit, no return.

This kind of garbage has pervaded the existence of CLEAR.  First we had the Pinky Starr affair where a similar scam resulted in absolutely negative bupkus in the change department, or even public discussion.  Then we have the decriminalization claims which panned out to be nonsense.  Now, in a broken record like fashion, they are reiterating claims that they can help you sneak your weed past customs legally, but not quite legally, and no promises.  How many times are they going to do a victory dance before the game has actually begun?

I wonder if Peter will find a way to serve time for the first person who gets busted trying to pull this trick.  I wonder if they will use their upswing in donations to help fund trips for needy medical consumers to make the trip to Holland for their medicine.  I really wonder if anybody is foolish enough to step up with their donation in hand to play guinea pig for a dangerous experiment in quasi-legal cannabis.  I certainly hope not, because it won’t be Peter Reynolds rotting in a cell cursing the day they listened to CLEAR and their ridiculous claims.

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  1. Anyone else notice how the CLEAR article got over 8,000 likes in 24 hours, yet they normally don’t get a three figure number of Facebook likes on their shitty articles. I note the Press Release article only has 11 likes.

    You can buy likes for Facebook status updates (Google it), looks like PR has used some of his CLEAR donations (whisky/ coke fund) to buy some popularity.

    I knew this article on CLEAR was bullshit the second I read it, thank you PRW for once more exposing this charlatan and conman.

  2. Strange that a Press Release stating medical cannabis is now legal in the UK should not have been picked up by a single news agency or media outlet 24 hours after it had been released. You’d think medical cannabis now being legal in the UK would be a pretty big news story.

    Probably the journalists checked it out and found out it was not true. Very irresponsible of PRick, but to be expected, since the man is CLEARly nuts!

  3. If this is such a brilliant, fool proof scheme, why isn’t Reynolds availing himself of it? Why wasn’t he the proud guinea pig? Why won’t he stand behind his own procedure and openly, transparently bring his legally prescribed Bedrocan to the UK?

    I think we know the answer.

  4. So if I buy some seeds an grow my own smoke will I be charge. Just would like to no or what your saying go to dam an get on medical ?????? Just want to now if its on the market or not …..

  5. If you germinate cannabis seeds in the UK, you are breaking the law.

    If you try to bring herbal cannabis, or any preperations made from herbal cannabis through UK Customs (prescription or not), you are breaking the law.

    Ignore Peter Reynolds, he is a dangerous, self-serving, alcoholic lunatic.

  6. Just another deluded dream from Peter R thinking up another story/lie to get some cash in the clear coke and alcohol fund . They must be pretty short on cash but atleast we know Peters local will have real clean toilets when he is skint because he is probably in the toilets licking the cistern for traces of Coke left buy someone else . Whats next from this guy will he really do and say anything to get peoples cash.

  7. PR reckons the photoshop of him with cameron and putin made him look big and clever and was “a gift from the trolls” LOL what a cock but it has inspired me to do some more photoshopping myself.

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