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The Definition of Achievement

Author: James Collins

We at Peter Reynolds Watch have been quiet as of late, mostly due to having lives to attend to, but also because we shall sell no wine before its time.  This case was no exception, as we like many (okay – not many at all) were waiting with baited breath to see if medical cannabis in Britain was in fact “achieved”.  So what’s the verdict, have there been any developments?

Well it seems that people have taken Peter up on the invitation to get their medical cannabis and swing through customs with it.  How does this procedure work?  Let’s do a little review.

Bedrocan herbal cannabis
Bedrocan cannabis.

First you get your doctor to give you a script for Bedrocan.  It would probably help if you have pictures of your physician in compromising circumstances to ensure best results.  When you somehow manage to do that, you fly somewhere like the Netherlands where you can actually get that product, then you bring it back to the UK.  Also, you apply for an import license that you can’t get, remember that part, because Peter Reynolds wants you to think that myself and a few others blew the lid on his little scam by informing the Home Office.

This was to be done on the down-low essentially, even though it is allegedly above board.  You follow that, you have to sneak around with your “legal” cannabis because otherwise the police will take it.  How is that legal?  You’re probably engaging in too literal an interpretation of “legal”, one which assumes it means “not against the law”.  Public postings from Peter are all over the map, from claiming there was an import license to claiming he didn’t get one and that is the big win itself.  It’s hard to figure what happened from his statements, but the reason I bring it up is because Peter’s handful of supporters now want to cast blame in the direction of the one person who actually did some research and got to the facts.  One investigator had the professionalism and good sense to write to the Home Office to ask, and they were told that one person had applied for such a license to import Bedrocan and was promptly denied.

Freedom of Information Request reference: 28960

The intrepid investigator in question is none other than Sarah McCulloch and her blog on the subject can be found here.

Peter claims, in fact, that any such rejection of a license would be cause for a grand legal challenge.  CLEAR should be stepping up to the plate now that they got rejected, right?  No?  Just what the fuck is going on here?  They’re claiming this has to be incognito, and they applied for license, which they would challenge the courts over but didn’t … I’m confused.

They made a “press release” about the process, and while no media picked it up despite the No Embargo conditions, it was still a public declaration.  It isn’t like somehow I or some other individual would have been the ones to let the cat out of the bag.  Peter was so eager to seem capable and competent for once that he couldn’t shut his damn mouth.

So now who is going to pay the price?

Meet George, he has some measure of health problems and needed medical cannabis to feel better.  I deeply sympathize; lots of us are in the same boat.  Frankly life would be pretty damn shitty for me if it wasn’t for weed.  So George, wanting to make a difference and having the courage that Peter Reynolds clearly lacks, tried to get his Bedrocan through customs.  What happened?

It was confiscated.  Why?  Well, as the nice customs people apparently told George, because it is illegal to import a Class B drug into the United Kingdom.  This is fairly congruent with what the Home Office said when inquiries were made following the original announcement from CLEAR.  Lucky for George they only issued him a warning and a typically terse and uninformative posting from CLEAR states that they have employed “specialists” in the law field to deal with this.  They also make a point to say George is back to buying cannabis on the black market, at a time when he is trying to get his “legal” weed back from customs agents; because stupid.

It shall be interesting to see who these specialists are.  So far the “CLEAR legal team” has amounted to Peter using Google…badly, I might add.

Now of course CLEAR, who previously stated that were this info all made public the kibosh would fall on their brilliant plan, claims that they meant for this to happen.  Just read the series postings from them on this topic, they’re all over the place.  They claim that this is legal, and then say they can’t tell you how to get a prescription because it would be shut down, and now of course they claim they wanted it shut down.  All is going according to plan.  The benefit of having a completely nebulous and undefined strategy is that regardless of what happens you can just claim that was what you wanted to happen.

The really ridiculous element of this entire affair is the fact that Peter Reynolds claims to be a medical cannabis user.  Despite that fact he has not made an attempt to get legal cannabis, but rather puts others up to take the risk in his stead.  None of the executive of CLEAR seems interested in risking their own freedom, but they’re very eager to tell you that you should risk yours.  It’s like some guy who wasn’t even on the bus claiming credit for the courage of Rosa Parks.

Cannabis Law Reform - CLEAR: Laura I saw my first psychiatrist aged nine, discovered cannabis aged sixteen, I'm now 55, and every serious eprsode I've had can be traced to a cannabis drought In my IWe. I gave pharma meds six years of continual use, and found them totally useless and debilitating.

Peter Reynolds is quite plainly a coward.  He wants to take none of the risk but he also wants all of the reward.  Peter doesn’t get any kudos for anything happening here, nor does CLEAR; because neither Peter nor his small cadre of loyal fanatics actually took the risk.  George took the risk, and he better hope whatever free lawyer CLEAR has managed to scrape up for him is going to fix this.  The next victim might not just have their cannabis confiscated, they might go to jail.

That’s why Peter didn’t do it.  He has a criminal history and another conviction could mean serious jail time for him, so he throws sick people under the bus to make his point for him.  The hallmark of a conman – always there in the good times but never willing to risk the bad.

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  1. Another cracking expose on the complete waste of space Peter (spurious litigator) Reynolds … Nice 1 James!

  2. He’s a coward that has people banned from Facebook for criticising him as he’s good behind a keyboard, probably just another child face to face

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