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DJ’s identity stolen to praise Peter

Author: Kevin John Braid

Peter Reynolds, the leader of CLEAR, Cannabis Law Reform, has long been suspected of using ‘sock accounts’ to feign false popularity. 

Shortly after Reynolds hijacked CLEAR, a psychiatrist by the name Dr Carla Margam appeared on Facebook posting very supportive comments praising Peter Reynolds. Checks were made with the British Medical Council and it was discovered no such doctor was registered with them.

One of Peter’s dogs is called Carla and Margam is suburb of South Wales near from where Peter Reynolds claims to have his roots.

This was discussed on Facebook and shortly afterward the mysterious Dr Carla Margam disappeared. A CLEAR member at the time, who many of you will know as Cannabis Truth on Facebook, was banned from CLEAR’s Facebook page for asking questions about this among other things.

Activist Cannabis Truth complains he is banned from the Facebook page of Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR) for asking questions about Dr Carla Margam - a sock account created to praise Peter Reynolds.
Cannabis Truth is banned from CLEAR’s Facebook for asking why there is not a Dr Carla Margam registered with the British Medical Council.

Back in April, we reported how Reynolds finally got a taste of his own medicine with his own Facebook ban for abusing others. Shortly after an account under the name of Owen Richards appeared, which shared Peter Reynolds’ birth date, except he’d taken ten years from his age.

Also, earlier in the year a young looking chap claiming to be a DJ by the name of Paul Langley appeared defending Reynolds on the London Cannabis Club and posting defamatory comments about other cannabis activists associated with NORML.

Impostor of British DJ offers support to Peter Reynolds, leader of Cannabis Law Reform, CLEAR.
A fake account impersonating DJ Paul Langley offers what little support there is for Peter Reynolds on the London Cannabis Club’s Facebook page.

Stuart Wyatt, a disabled medicinal cannabis user from Plymouth who has been reported to the police by Reynolds in the past, was recently attacked in the comments of an article in the Plymouth Herald by someone purporting to be ‘Paul Langley’.

Fake Facebook profile of DJ Paul Langley defends Peter Reynolds, leader of Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR) and attacks respected activist from Plymouth Stuart Wyatt.
Paul Langley impersonator posts defamatory comments about disabled activist, Stuart Wyatt, while defending Peter Reynolds and claims to know information about Stuart, a medicinal cannabis user, being repeatedly reported to the police.

Soundcloud image of DJ Paul Langley used by someone to create a fake profile to praise Peter Reynolds.Stuart smelled a big smelly rat and did a bit of digging. He found the Soundcloud account of the real Paul Langley (pictured right), who it turned out had never heard of Peter Reynolds or CLEAR and was pretty pissed off that someone had been impersonating him to praise a bigoted twat like Peter Reynolds. You can see from the link this is where the impersonator stole the image.

Stuart discovered that someone had been using a clone account impersonating Paul Langley to post supportive comments for Peter Reynolds, which in itself is technically a criminal offence, to steal someone’s identity.

When Stuart contacted the real Paul Langley, a DJ whose face and identity had been stolen to create a Facebook account to sing praise upon Peter Reynolds, he was not impressed and has since reported the fake account to Facebook who subsequently deleted it.

DJ Paul Langley has has is identity stolen to create a sock account on Facebook for the sole purpose of heaping praise on Peter Reynolds, leader of CLEAR, Cannabis Law Reform.
Paul Langley denies ever posting words of support for Peter Reynolds or CLEAR.

It later turned out this was a fake account using a photo of the real Paul Langley, but without his permission.

Stuart Wyatt said: “Peter Reynolds is a big man-baby. He cannot handle the fact that his cover his blown. He is a charlatan and a failure; all he can do to try to hide the fact of his own abysmal inadequacies is to censor and sue. Well Reynolds, you’ve threatened to sue me many times over the past couple of years, yet you haven’t. Why not? Put up, or shut up. Either way, resign, you embarrassing failure!

Obviously, we have no absolute proof who it was that decided to create the fake Facebook identity of a real DJ by the name of Paul Langley, using an actual photo of him, to heap praise upon el Presidente of CLEAR, Peter Reynolds, though we have strong suspicions who it might have been, but we’ll leave it up to readers of Peter Reynolds Watch to make up their own minds as who they think created this sock account to laud der Führer.

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  1. Thanks for posting this article.

    *SOMEONE* (Almost definitely Peter Reynolds) has been reporting posts on facebook concerning this, meaning that I have had 3×12 hour bans in a row. What this does is remove me from my support networks, meaning that I am unable to receive and give support. I’m disabled, virtually bed-bound these days.

    Peter Reynolds claims to work on behalf of medicinal cannabis users. If that is the case, why has he banned, censored, sued, attacked and reported to the police so many medicinal cannabis users?

    Peter Reynolds works for one person and one person only, Peter Reynolds.

  2. are you deleting even mildly critical comments? come of Kevin – thats the sort of thing peter would do.

  3. Actually, weedol, there was a technical hitch, which meant we had to put up an old back up, and re-upload a couple of articles, but this of course meant a few comments were lost; hence why the thumbs up on the recent articles also went down. That’s why some comments are missing.

    We don’t mind if people embarrass themselves by defending Peter Reynolds, although that rarely happens, most comments are very supportive.

  4. I’ve no interest in defending him. I’ve made some suggestions about how your critique can have a more impact by focusing on the bad behaviour and dispensing with the playground name calling.

  5. He must be an mi5 agent employed to discredit cannabis, he is manipulating his fan base, dispersed the campaigners and makes huge faux pax at any given opportunity, if the electrorol commission are not interested that he has openly declared he will not field candidates in elections, just what is the plan, I think he was the policeman who forced confessions and works for THEM

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