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CLEAR bans Clark French from their Facebook page

Reynolds tries to cash in on Clark French and then bans him from CLEAR’s Facebook page

Author: Kevin John Braid

If you like or are a member of as many cannabis related pages or groups on Facebook as I am, then it would not have escaped your attention that NORML UK’s Clark French appeared on Sky News today; one of the major 24 hour news channels in the UK.

Deej Sullivan of the cannabis campaign NORML UK wrote an excellent write-up on their web site and the video is already up on Youtube.

CLEAR were also among the many groups to share the above link. You might think there is nothing unusual about this, since pretty much all they do is share links to articles or podcasts by other people or groups.

One person who was not happy about CLEAR sharing the link was Clark French himself, due to the fact that Peter Reynolds, the bigoted leader of CLEAR, had reported Clark, along with many other medicinal cannabis users, to the police in the past.

Peter Reynolds says on Facebook he grassed up Clark French
Peter Reynolds boasts on Facebook that he reported respected activist, medicinal cannabis user and Multiple Sclerosis patient, Clark French, to the police.

Clark used to be a member of CLEAR, but he soon left when he found out about the racist, homophobic, anti-semitic, intolerant views of the bigoted leader of CLEAR, Peter Reynolds. Since leaving, Clark has never bothered to post on the CLEAR Facebook page, but when he saw them trying to cash in on his TV appearance, he felt obliged to leave a little message.

Clark French tells CLEAR that Peter Reynolds reported him to the police.
Clark French gets banned from CLEAR Facebook for reminding people Peter Reynolds reported him to the police after they try to cash in on his story.

“Shame that Peter Reynolds called the police on me –don’t trust CLEAR they call the police on medical cannabis patients.” – is the message Clark posted on the CLEAR Facebook page. It didn’t last long, Reynolds swiftly deleted it and banned Clark from the page.

Clark’s post must have rattled der Führer, as he shortly after wrote this diatribe falsely accusing Clark of hacking the CLEAR web site.

Peter Reynolds libels Clark French on the Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR) Facebook page.
Peter Reynolds and CLEAR defame respected activist and MS patient on their Facebook wall. Bobby Prieto is a Peter Reynolds sock puppet account.

For the record, Dorset Police investigated these outrageous lies from Reynolds and found no truth in them; they subsequently closed down the investigation. I wrote the truth about what really happened to the CLEAR web site when Peter Reynolds was sacked by his own executive committee on the popular American weed blog Toke of the Town, which gets over half a million visits a month.

Reynolds tried to cash in on Clark’s media success today, yet then said Clark is no friend of CLEAR. He then has the bare faced cheek to defame Clark by repeating the lie that he was involved in an unlawful hijack of the CLEAR website in 2012, and that he has been part of a hate campaign against CLEAR and its members. This is the man who spent £8,580 to issue hopeless defamation lawsuits against four respected activists for calling him out on his bullshit, yet he has no qualms about defaming Clark French, a young man diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.


Clark told Peter Reynolds Watch: “How callous it is to use my story to further his own ego when he called the police on me.

“I could sue CLEAR for defamation for what they wrote about me on their Facebook wall, but I’m not that pathetic and I’d rather money was spent on the cannabis campaign instead of stupid libel lawsuits”.

This is not the first time Clark has had to ask Reynolds and CLEAR to stop using his image to promote them. Last year he repeatedly had to ask CLEAR to stop posting images on their Facebook page implying Clark supported them.

Clark has since received many messages of support from people who were unaware that Peter Reynolds had called the police on him, along with many other medicinal cannabis users and activists, including, Stuart Wyatt, Edwin Stratton, Sanj Chowdhary, Des Humphrey, Greg de Hoedt and Tina Mendes, to name but a few.

Peter Reynolds threatens Edwin Stratton, a medicinal cannabis user, with the police
Peter Reynolds tells medicinal cannabis user and former drummer from the band OMS, Edwin Stratton, that he is going to report him to the police and calls him a scumbag.

So there you have it, the sinking ship CLEAR is trying to cash in on the work of a decent, brave young man diagnosed with MS, even though Peter Reynolds, the leader of CLEAR, had previously reported Clark French to the police.

As usual, this has backfired on the numpty Reynolds, with more and more people asking awkward questions on the CLEAR Facebook page; the old goat has been hitting the ban button all night, and it’s well past his passed out pissed on cheap whisky time.

PRW has been informed by a reliable source that their media team is literally dead, since the head of the CLEAR media team resigned a couple months ago because he could no longer put up with Reynolds and his lies. Will Reynolds finally piss off when he loses the last of his pathetic libel lawsuits? Will he let the serious activists and groups get on with the very important job of campaigning to change cannabis laws in Britain, to help people like Clark French get access to the medicine he both needs and deserves? We can but hope!

Cannabis activist and MS patient Clark French
Clark French at a cannabis demonstration in Cardiff, May 2012.

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  1. It never ceases to amaze and for that matter amuse me at just how many “own goals” Reynolds scores…The man is an ass..

  2. not the first time, I recall peter highlighting Winston Matthews cause shortly after he was imprisoned, and had just banned Winston for using the name Legalise Cannabis Alliance on his youtube account and tried and failed to close it…. using other campaigners hard work to highlight clear and at the same time alienating those people from the campaign he ran, Peter Reynolds is a joke.

  3. I suspect Peter Reynolds is an agent provocateur it’s the kind of thing various secret agencies have being doing for decades.

  4. @ Dean, not sure about that one, I don’t think you could train someone to be such a twat.

  5. Clark … peter wants to have bum fun with you. I wish I was joking but i am not. He thinks you two could be the Posh and bBecks of the 420 community. Take care my friend, he will be stalking you next…

  6. Lets face it when cannabis finally gets regulated in the UK Prick is going to be claiming it was him that got it done all by himself . Lets see 4 years ago he had Des Clark , Greg , Sanj etc all getting great publicity for Clear photos off them all over the clear site and now who does he have ? Maharg Smith aka manrag and his many fake FB profiles he uses to spy on people and pick up teenage girlfriends .

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