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Reynolds loses yet another libel case

Peter Reynolds loses defamation lawsuit against Chris Bovey in the Royal Courts of Justice

Author: Kevin John Braid

Last February, Peter Reynolds, announced on Facebook the fightback against hatred and abuse had began.

Peter Reynolds, leader of CLEAR, Cannabis Law Reform
The Great Bellendo: Peter Reynolds.

The Great Bellendo published copies of High Court writs on Facebook he had launched against cannabis activists (all associated with NORML UK). These writs cost him a grand total of £8,580 and when asked who was paying for them, he said that he was, but the people he was suing would eventually.

Reynolds was suing people for suggesting he was a racist, homophobic, bigot, on account of the fact he’d written blogs complaining there were not enough white faces in London, calling Jews evil and gay people perverts.

Reynolds was the subject of fierce criticism over the contents of his blogs and subsequently sought to amend some of his blogs to make them appear as though his views were more moderate than they were and to add some ‘balancing’ statements; self-evidently, to deceive people into thinking this is what he had originally written. However, the amended blogs were just as incendiary. He even had the bare faced cheek to claim screenshots of the original blogs were forgeries and continued to do so, even when it was proved 100% on the Way Back Machine they were not.

His use of the Courts to attempt to silence his critics was ridiculous and we’ve always believed were an abuse of the Court’s process. Seems the Courts thought so too, as we reported last December, Reynolds lost against Jewish blogger, Sarah McCulloch, and was ordered to pay her costs, which have yet to be determined.

Judgemen in the High Court of Justice, Queen's Bench Division between Peter John Reynolds and Sarah Evelyn McCulloch
Peter Reynolds pays £2,145 to confirm he’s a bellend and is ordered to pay Sarah money for wasting her time.

Reynolds also sued Alun Buffry, an OAP who by his own admission lives off an old age pension and has no assets. Alun was a co-founder of the Legalise Cannabis Alliance, and in the end they agreed to sign a meaningless agreement not worth the paper it was written on, because Alun couldn’t be bothered to fight it and couldn’t afford legal representation. The joke was on Reynolds though, as he paid at least £2,145 for this agreement to disagree.

Settlement between Alun Buffry & Peter Reynolds.
Peter Reynolds paid at least £2,145 to reach the above meaningless agreement with Alun Buffry.

With one case lost and the other obtaining a meaningless settlement, it seems Reynolds’ sights were on Greg de Hoedt and Chris Bovey, who both sit on the board of NORML UK. In the case of Greg, a medicinal cannabis user previously reported to the police by Reynolds, he has not served the court documents properly, and in the case of Chris, he picked on a man who fortunately had the means to pay for professional legal representation.

Chris Bovey, under advice from his lawyers, has been reluctant to comment much on these legal proceedings until they were over; that changed last Thursday when Reynolds’ case was struck out of court and Chris gave an in-depth interview on the blog of his fellow defendant Sarah McCulloch (who had already won her case).

Chris Bovey told Peter Reynolds Watch: “Although, I was always confident Mr Reynolds’ attempts to intimidate me via the Royal Courts of Justice would ultimately fail, that does not mean it has been a pleasant experience for me and my family, not to mention a fucking expensive one (internet defamation lawyers are not cheap). However, the Court has ordered Peter Reynolds pay my costs, which will be assessed at a date in the near future.

“I would like to in particular thank my lawyer John Spyrou for the highly professional service that he and Pinder Reaux provided and of course my Counsel, Yuli Takatsuki.

“I was never prepared to give an inch to Mr Reynolds, since I did not believe I had defamed him in any way shape or form and I’m very satisfied with the outcome. I’m just glad it’s all over so I can concentrate on positive activism, as well as my lovely family.”

But what did the Great Bellendo, Reynolds, himself have to say about his loss in the Royal Courts of Justice? It was of course to claim it as a great victory and was delighted to have cost Chris so much money in legal fees, stating he “stands not a snowball’s chance in hell of getting a penny from me”. He further stated he intended to appeal, simply to try to cost Chris more money in legal fees, although the following day he took this bit down, presumably after he’d sobered up and someone must have advised him how stupid that was.

Reynolds, in his usual vicious style also proclaimed on his blog and on Facebook that Chris was a “liar, thief and abuser”. A number of people reported these defamatory comments to Facebook and we are pleased inform you they were removed and they have given Reynolds yet another Facebook ban from posting his toxic drivel and inanities.

Reynolds states he is not going to pay Court costs he incurred from the case he lost.
Loser: Peter Reynolds defames Chris Bovey and says he stands not a snowball’s chance in hell of getting a penny from him, despite the Court ordering that he pays Mr Bovey’s costs.

Reynolds further complained it was unfair that Chris Bovey had professional legal representation, while he was a lowly Litigant in Person, completely ignoring the fact he had previously sent an email to Chris specifically advising he urgently seek legal advice and that he had already lost an almost identical case against Sarah McCulloch, who acted as a Litigant in Person too.

On Sarah McCulloch’s blog, Chris was quoted as saying: “It takes six years to qualify as a solicitor or barrister, and I was given a deadline of just six weeks to prepare and submit a defence. I’m a very busy man and know little to nothing about Civil Procedure Rules or defamation law, so I was left with no choice other than to hire professional legal representation. Peter Reynolds suggested that I take legal advice, and unlike him, I did.”

We here at Peter Reynolds Watch congratulate Chris on his victory against Reynolds and wish him all the best. We hope he is successful in recouping his legal fees from Reynolds, which are apparently quite significant; we expect a rise in CLEAR’s membership fees and even more begging posts for money on their Facebook page lol.

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  1. What a bellend Reynolds is.

  2. Coming to a town in Dorset soon 🙂

  3. Just posted the question on the clear page, asking if membership fees would being used to pay for the lawsuits and asking for written proof that its not….. can expect Mon senior Cock face Reynolds to ask for me to be banned next…. Bring it on!!! Hahaha

    • Well it didnt take long for the comment to be removed and me banned from posting on clears page…. time to take a leaf out of the peter Reynolds playbook and repost using sock accounts hahaha

  4. Talk about pissing on your own shoes. Why does Mr Reynolds insist on making a public issue with *every* cannabis activist who doesn’t worship him and/or CLEAR? I don’t get it.

    • Because the world revolves around him, and if he isnt getting enough attention then he has to seek more. Any kind is good.

  5. No surprises here and I am glad he lost

  6. Sadly I see little hope of Chris, recouping his losses, the only money he has comes from his comes from his family and Clearly deluded members. I sincerely hope Chris can get at least some of his money back though, this has been a long process and I hope it really is over for all concerned (except PRick of course lol)

    • If PR doesn’t pay, the high court sheriffs will be called in and all his, (we know meagre), assets will be seized and when the value of his assets that have been seized don’t add up to the amount he is ordered to pay Chris and the court, Chris can have him declared bankrupt.

      The problem The Great Bellendo then has then is that unlike a “normal” bankruptcy that can be discharged after only a couple of years, you can never discharge a bankruptcy for a high court debt like this, the debt will be with him for life or until he repays it, so for example if at any time in the future his parents die and leave him some money, Chris will have first call on that money before Reynolds gets any, if he was to win the lottery, the same…

      It also seems that there may be a hidden business interest that he has, woe beside him if he tries to hide that from the courts, which is serious criminal legal shit that could put him back in in gaol.

      • Very well put. I know Chris well and I’m sure he has a few tricks up his sleeve to recoup his costs. Reynolds has lost this big time the consequences have not played out yet but they will. His butt will be sore for a while because the High Courts do not mess around he will get the knock for sure unless his family unwillingly bail him out. Glad it is reaching the end game he might throw a couple of hay balers on the way down but he’s not getting back up. If you make racist remarks in a public forum don’t try to use the high courts to silence your critics. Yes what a Bellendo

      • Is the hidden business you mention, dealing cocaine?? If i remember correctly his gang offered to supply cocaine for bitcoins….bitcoins have jumped in valued since then, the PR cartel could have millions tucked away:)

  7. Should be a fair amount of crack, whiskey and pornography lying around in Peter’s house. That might be worth a few quid (not).

  8. Peter Reynolds going to court to deny he is a spiteful racist homophobe police informing bully is as futile as me denying my cock is BIG!

    Where is the donate button on this website?

    You are going to incur server charges, domain renewals etc over the next few decades as it is now your duty to warn the Cannabis community and the general public about this vile man. Peter Reynolds seems to happily provide scandalous content on a weekly basis and I feel he will do until he departs this beautiful planet Earth.

    His blog and social media postings have slandered nearly every group of people from society apart from dwarves and transsexuals (probably because he watches dwarf and transsexual porn when he has a cocaine and alcohol fuelled wank session with his gang of nonces).

    The Cannabis movement requires unity and respected leadership to achieve its goals. Worthwhile goals that will benefit society as a whole. Yet this alcoholic fraud has tried to appoint himself as the dear leader by slandering, bullying or grassing up any genuine or talented people who are working towards our shared good cause. Women (not with cocks), OAP’s, Cripples, Gays, Asians…if they are weaker than Peter they are his prey.

    Could Peter Reynolds be working for the other side? the dark side? I hope not but I think so…

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