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Perving Around the World

Author: James Collins

You’ve no doubt by now heard about Elliot Rodger in California.  He’s the crazy guy who shot a number of women for turning him down.  His online activities show a history of rage, misogyny, homophobia and other general sectarianism and total irrationality.  

By all accounts the guy was a few marbles short of a full bag, but his actions have drawn attention to how deep the threads of misogyny run in our modern culture.  It isn’t just about hatred of women, it is about the unfair objectification of women where we assess their appearance and sexuality first and all other attributes become secondary.

This viewpoint in our culture has led to the “pickup artistry” fad, which is essentially a lot of psychopathic man-boys trying to find ways to deceive women into having sex with them.  Elliot Rodger was quite familiar with this culture, but it apparently hadn’t worked for him the same way it doesn’t work for most “pickup artists” – because their glaring immaturity drives away all but the most insecure of women.  It’s obvious for what it is, they see women as objects to possess and refuse to view and treat them as human beings.

You can see this culture on sites like Facebook, where some men will go around posting the same tired, sexualized comments on women’s profile pictures.  “Hey baby, looking hot”.  They express no interest in those women as dynamic, three-dimensional human beings; instead they forever objectify them and then freak out like toddlers throwing a tantrum when their transparently slimy behavior is repudiated.

In the case of Elliot Rodger, lives were lost.

Enter one Peter Reynolds, our favorite misogynist and total letch.  The picture below was forwarded to me by a source that will remain nameless.  It doesn’t matter where it came from.  I have blurred out the identity of the young woman in question out of respect for her privacy, I have done the same with all names in the comments section other than Peter.  I am not looking to make a spectacle of this woman; I have more respect for her than Peter does.

Pervert: Peter Reynolds chases young women on Facebook.
Pervy Pete letches over a young girl over half his age on Facebook.

Have you absorbed that material now?  First Peter engages in the predictable grooming of pickup artists, hurling highly sexualized comments at a woman half his age over a very bland and typical Facebook selfie.  She’s wearing a boring t-shirt, she’s half smiling at the camera – there is nothing erotic about this particular shot.  She isn’t inviting men to come and objectify her.  Peter does so anyway, because he views women the same way he views the various plastic sex toys in an adult store – they are all a means for him to achieve orgasm and a sense of conquest and nothing more.

When it is apparent that he has screwed up and used the wrong name to compliment this young woman, and gets called on his bullshit, he actually turns around and offers the same statements only now with the new name.  Caught in the middle of the act of trying to bamboozle a young woman with blatant flattery, he just digs the hole deeper and keeps going.  The man who prides himself on writing with a style of prose dated in Dickensian times, he now resorts to the written style of a Doge Meme in order to appeal to her age bracket.  Is anything more embarrassing than a man approaching sixty years of age trying to talk like a twenty year old hipster?

This is the hallmark of the misogynist.  Instead of simply apologizing, or not writing that trash on her wall in the first place, he just plows through and tries to reapply the same vacant flattery to the girl he was trying to flatter in the first place.  It’s dripping with insincerity and a total lack of respect for woman on the whole.  Does he think she’s stupid?  Does he even care?  Or is he just looking for some kind of response to give him a rise so he can pretend he isn’t a lonely, perverse and completely repugnant old man?

This isn’t the only time he’s objectified this woman, by the looks of it he’s been at this for over a year, with no response to speak of.  The other girl he identifies in the first picture, mistaking her for this one, clearly tells him his actions make her uncomfortable.  He has no sense of boundaries, I can only imagine the way it makes them feel to have some middle aged drunk drooling over them.

Pervy Pete wants to put his hands on a young girls tits.
Peter Reynolds embarrassingly tries to chat up a girl half his age.
Peter Reynolds embarrasses himself on Facebook letching after a young girl.
Peter going where no man should go uninvited.

If you look at the third picture you’ll see the young lady is wearing one of those shirts with handprints on the chest.  You probably know somebody with a similar shirt, they aren’t all that uncommon.  Peter, naturally, has to use it as an opening to make a blatantly sexual comment to this woman.  You’ll note she isn’t responding to him, likely because she doesn’t know what to say.  Women get put in this position all the time by men like Peter, and it is a form of sexual harassment.  Why should she have to feel like she should tolerate this crap?

He persists because he has no respect for women on the whole.  He keeps making sexual remarks to her even when they are clearly unwelcome, other people even tell him in the comments that he is out of line.  None of this deters him; he just keeps doing it like it was the result of pathology.  He does this to women who are this young because women his own age smack that crap down before it even starts, there is a certain confidence that comes with experience and maturity.  The reason middle aged men pursue young women is because of an imbalance of power.  Confident and mature adult men like women their own age, because they share a level of life experience.  Insecure misogynists will often pursue women who are much younger than them, or whom they are in a position of authority over.  They do this because it places them in a position of power.

We have learned an important lesson from Elliot Rodger: We have learned that it is important that women be treated by men with respect as equals.  They should be treated like human beings, not as sexual objects to excite men.  They are fully three dimensional personalities who should be addressed as such.  To objectify them reduces their social status and encourages the type of behavior that led to the recent tragedy in California.  All men have a duty to recognize this and try to change their behavior, and those that don’t ally themselves with the wrong side of history.

Lock up your daughters” is the old adage.  It’s wrong on every level.  We shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of our daughters.  Instead I believe we should lock up the people who present themselves as a threat to our daughters and let them live in a world free from misogyny and unsolicited objectification.

Pervy sex profile of Peter Reynolds, leader of CLEAR, Cannabis Law Reform
Peter Reynolds’ sex profile on BDSM dating site alt.com.

Here are some more screenshots or pics taken with a mobile phone of Peter Reynolds’ dating profiles (including some xxx rated ones, not for the faint hearted) … and this is the guy who called gay people perverts yet defended Jimmy Savile and the teacher who ran off with his 15 year old pupil.






The following dated from 2006 are still online (he removed the others)




Peter John Reynolds.
Peter Reynolds, leader of CLEAR, Cannabis Law Reform.

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  1. What a creep. It’s funny that when this article was published, Reynolds changed his profile pic to a photo taken over 4 years ago.


    One person commented today “Makes u look younger”

    Yes, using old photographs tends to do that. lol

  2. What a dirty old bastard he is.

  3. Oh sweet baby jesus why did I open those pictures?

  4. Standard member PMSL – very undersized member I’d say. He may be a massive PRick and known as the Great Bellendo, but the PRick’s prick is certainly not a well endowed one.

  5. If I were Steve Redgrave, or Laurence Dallaglio, I’d be sueing Peter for libel.

  6. Great scoop!!! (even though it is a shit filled one 😉 )

  7. Certainly you wouldn’t want him anywhere near your children. Parents beware and we should all be grateful this site exists to warn people about this sleazy old pervert.

  8. The convicted fraudster and former convict should know the lowest of the pecking order in H.M.Prisons are grasses and nonses. I wouldn’t like to be in his shoes if he gets banged up again for say a perjury conviction.

    • Peter is the sort of bloke who would make the tea for the screws. Tea making grassing nonces deserve to get boiling water chucked in their faces. He is the same generation as rolf harris and jimmy, so who knows what pervy things he is into???

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