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Reynolds’ reputation worth a fiver

Author: Kevin John Braid

Reynolds’ much boasted defamation actions against four activists have not been doing very well. He’s already lost a case against Chris Bovey and has been ordered to pay legal fees expected to be in the region of £25,000.  

He did sign a meaningless agreement with Alun Buffry to agree to disagree and he managed to win a judgment by default against Greg de Hoedt, which basically means judgment was given without hearing any of the evidence, because Greg never responded to the lawsuit, since Reynolds didn’t serve it correctly.

Last Thursday, lawyers acting for Greg were unsuccessful in getting the verdict set aside and the Court awarded that Greg must pay Reynolds five pounds, even though they accepted Reynolds’ pleadings were defective.

Obviously, a fiver is a massive over-valuation of Reynolds’ reputation, which we wouldn’t even put at five pence.

In typical Reynolds fashion, he has put his own spin on this minor victory, outrageously claiming Greg has been ordered to pay £5,000 in damages in the next 14 days, which is a total lie. He further published a tirade of abuse and lies aimed at Chris.

Reynolds lies about libel damages following default court judgment.
Peter Reynolds puts the decimal point in the wrong place.

Chris told us he wasn’t particularly bothered by his lies, since they were coming from an utter joke of a man with a reputation for being a proven liar.

“Reynolds can publish as many lies about me as he likes, but at the end of the day, I’m not the one staring down the barrel of a substantial legal costs bill, following the judgment in my favour. The man is a total arse,” said Chris Bovey.

There is also a massive irony here. Reynolds complained bitterly that his defective pleadings against Chris were not allowed to go to a libel trial, yet he’s all too happy to get a victory against a young man with Crohn’s Disease by default, without any of the evidence being heard in Court.

Great victories for El Presidente, aren’t they? An agreement to stand in different corners of the room with Alun and now the price of a nice cappuccino from Greg. That’s worth over a year of going to court.

Also, rather than tell the truth in that the Court deemed the reputation of Peter Reynolds to be worth a mere fiver, he has the audacity to claim he’s won £5,000, which is an outright lie.

Compare the £5, to the £25,000 or so that Reynolds will soon have to pay libel lawyers Pinder Reaux.

I understand on some level why Peter is boasting. He has to. What the fuck else could he do? Publish a piece saying “I’m an idiot”.

Perhaps Reynolds thinks by publishing lies and defaming others it will stop the Sheriffs knocking on his door in the near future; meanwhile the rest of us wonder what planet the racist alcoholic twat is on.

Unfortunately, because Reynolds by all accounts is a penniless alcoholic loser, Reynolds can defame people to his heart’s content, since what is the point in suing a man with no obvious assets.  That said, Reynolds’ pathetic hate site, which he recently set up was shut down very fast by his UK hosting company on account of the defamatory material published, so he moved the site to Iceland where it is more difficult to remove defamatory material.

Again a massive irony, as Reynolds has constantly complained about this web site being in Iceland, even though the web hosting company, Icelandic WordPress, said they would remove any material on Peter Reynolds Watch, if he could provide evidence we were not writing the truth, since the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative was designed to protect whistleblowers, not make Iceland a haven for libel tourism.

Peter Reynolds is Bullshit Man
Bullshit Man Peter Reynolds

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  1. Perhaps he is using a 10p potato to update his webpage and when he was trying to write £5.00 his finger got stuck on 0, so it typed £500000. then hackers from China inserted a . which made it £5000.00 – it could happen to anybody, especially an old drunk wanker on a 10p potato phone.

  2. Darryl Bickler

    Who actually witnessed the court’s decision? I see PR is promising to post the full court order, so something doesn’t add up here. Whatever you think about him, I can’t say he is mad enough to publish stuff that will prove him telling lies. Where is your proof that the court orderred a £5 settlement which obviously wouldn’t even pay the tube from Kings Cross to the Court?

  3. Darryl Bickler

    I get it now – the 5K is the award for Reynold’s costs that I am told Greg is supposedly liable for. Spin spin spin..

  4. You should get greg on his knees begging for your spunk whilst your torturing him with the promise of a sleeping bag to go along with spare change and his piss stained pavement he calls bed.

  5. He is a terrible excuse for a human being allright. However stop using the term ‘alcoholic’ as an insult.

    It’s a terrible disease that afflicts many vulnerable people, not something that should be banded around as an object of mockery.

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