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Jimmy Savile is CLEAR’s new poster boy

When I first saw this I thought someone had sent me a photoshop piss take, I couldn’t believe it wasn’t a fake.

It’s not a fake, it’s real, Peter Reynolds actually launched this ad campaign for CLEAR.

Jimmy Savile and Peter Reynolds
The late peadophile Jimmy Savile is the new face of CLEAR.

Now I’m a staunch opponent of prohibition, but to compare prohibition to the plight of those who have suffered child abuse is weird and wrong.

Peter actually tweeted that leading @BudBuddiesFan to say “I would drop that poster ASAP if it were me old boy.”

twitter screenshot Peter Reynolds and Jimmy Savile
I would drop that poster ASAP if it were me old boy

I’ve been accused of having a pretty sick sense of humour in my time, but this is beyond baffling, not to mention nauseating.

I can’t get my head around the thought processes that would make a grown adult say “Hey, this is a good idea”.

Why would you want Jimmy Savile as a poster boy for any campaign under any circumstances? Same reason you wouldn’t invite Gary Glitter to write a jingle for you.

Peter Reynolds claims to have worked with top advertising agency Saatchi and Saatchi, if this is Reynolds’ idea of a good ad campaign, it’s hardly surprising they claimed to have never heard of him when it was inquired as to ever he worked there.

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  1. Just when ye think the”PRick” can’t sink any lower,He does……

  2. Are there any depths that the dirty pervert and racist will not stoop to?

  3. He stole the idea from some other insensitive twitter:


    Acting like it was the most amazing analogy he ever heard.

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