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Reynolds is still grassing people up

Medical cannabis users being reported to the police

Author: Kevin John Braid

Of all the despicable deeds of Peter Reynolds, the bigoted leader of CLEAR, by far the worst has to be his grassing up of people to the police, many of whom are medicinal cannabis users.

We have reported previously numerous people who have been reported to the police by Peter Reynolds, such as young Multiple Sclerosis patient and activist Clark French.

Reynolds the grass
Peter Reynolds boasts about his grassing to the police on Facebook.

In fact, we believe Reynolds has grassed at least thirty people up to the police, simply for daring to speak out against his vile racist views and the dictatorial way he runs CLEAR after he took it over from the old Legalise Cannabis Alliance under false pretences.

Reynolds even threatened a college student with the police for asking him about his anti-Semitic blogs ranting about “evil Jews” after he was caught lying that they were forgeries by an online Internet archive.

This is quite shocking behaviour for a man who claims to represent medicinal cannabis users. Even more staggering is the fact Reynolds often boasts on social media that he reports people who criticise him to the authorities. He also sends threatening messages to people who dare to ask awkward questions about his despotic leadership.

Incredibly, despite the fact the police have thus far not arrested one single person in relation to Reynolds’ consistent reports to the police, we’ve learned that the filthy grass is still at it. We have been sent this recent screenshot from a disabled medicinal user of cannabis, who asked to remain anonymous, for fear of further repercussions from Reynolds.

Peter Reynolds reports disabled medical cannabis user to the police.
Reynolds tells a disabled medicinal user of cannabis they have been reported to the police for leaving a comment he didn’t like on the CLEAR Facebook page.

Dave, (not his real name), received the above Private Message on Facebook on 4th March 2015 after he left comments on CLEAR’s Facebook page questioning the despotic actions of El Presidente.

A number of people were posting questions on the public reviews section of CLEAR’s Facebook page, such as asking where all the thousands of pounds he inherited from the old Legalise Cannabis Alliance went or why he was suing disabled cannabis activists.

Reynolds’ response was to remove the review feature from the page and to message anybody who dared be critical that he’d reported them to the police.

Fortunately, the police do not take these complaints seriously; in fact our sources tell us Dorset Police think he’s a right pain in the arse. Back in 2012, Reynolds reported a number of activists, including medical users of cannabis to the police, resulting in an expensive police investigation. Ultimately, the police found no truth in Reynolds’ malicious lies; quite frankly we are surprised they haven’t arrested him for wasting police time.

Peter Reynolds the dirty grass.
Peter Reynolds admits on his blog that he reported a number of people to the police. No action was taken by the police in response to his false allegations.

The allegations were all lies, yet when he learned Dorset police had shut down the investigation, he caused them further aggravation by spending thousands of pounds on hiring a firm of lawyers to try to get the Independent Police Complaints Commission to reopen the investigation. He was unsuccessful.

Reynolds subsequently spent thousands more pounds suing four activists, including Greg de Hoedt and Chris Bovey, both of whom he had previously reported to the police with false allegations. He now owes Chris around £25,000 after the court ordered him to pay his legal expenses in dealing with the defamation writ Reynolds issued against him, after the case was struck out of Court.

Screenshot of libellous claims against NORML UK board members.
Reynolds says NORML UK board members are subject to defamation claims and IPCC complaints.

Permission to appeal has subsequently been denied, yet it is our understanding Reynolds is refusing to cough up the money he owes and High Court Sheriffs have been employed to recover the debt, which has resulted in further thousands being added to the debt.

Poor old Peter, there’s going to be a pain in his rusty Sheriff’s badge soon.

Dog shit: At least I'm not Peter Reynolds

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  1. Reynolds once sent me a message saying I’d been reported to the police after I asked questions about the CLEAR finances on their Facebook page, he also banned me from posting on the page. He’s CLEARly using CLEAR funds for his own ends, the man is an grassing cunt, not to be trusted. Thank you Peter Reynolds Watch for all the work you do exposing this oxygen thief.

  2. I’m surprised the grassing cunt hasn’t been given a well deserved kicking. That’s what used to happen to grasses back in the day.

    • where i came from (portugal) some one would already give him some hospital holidays
      just thinking i was donating to him if i see him on street i would hask for it
      how did he get where he is i cant understand

      • i was new in uk at the time and from what i’ve been seeing in other countries thought it was a good idea to have a voice considering the way we are treated in uk just for having a smoke in the privacy of ones home….but it turned out to be like a dictatorial regime

  3. I am surprised the grassing scum has time to report people to police,when he spends so much time chasing young girls on the internet whilst pissed on cheap whiskey and buzzing from low quality cocaine. Dirty rotten grass, you will get yours.

  4. I strongly believe this man is a government stooge.
    I think he wanted to be a Westminster spin doctor.
    I think he was placed by Westminster into the LCA to reduce public awareness, reduce media coverage and reduce its effectiveness.
    I think this is why he constantly puts down other groups striving for the same stated goal.
    I think this is why he is the state media spokesman of choice
    I think it is his job to report to the police.
    I think this man displays sociopathic traits and enjoys watching people suffer
    When I said this to him he told me he had a gagging order and I was threatened that I would be reported to the police and removed from clear unite!

    So Peter Why do you need a gagging order???

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