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Reynolds reports Chris Bovey to the police for asking him to pay his legal costs

Reynolds the grass reports businessman to the police for harassment, because he emailed him asking him to pay the legal bill he owes following disastrous attempt to sue for defamation.

Author: Kevin John Braid

We have previously reported on the grassing and suing activities of Peter Reynolds, who likes to report people to the police or sue them if they dare to speak out against his offensive racist views.

While it is laughingly absurd that the leader of a supposedly pro-pot organisation should report people to the police, it is really no joking matter, since many of the people reported to the police by Reynolds were medicinal users of cannabis who were caused a great deal of stress upon learning they had been the subject of malicious police reports by Reynolds.

Once person who is not a stranger to being reported to the police by Peter Reynolds is businessman and NORML UK activist, Chris Bovey.

A few weeks ago Reynolds reported Chris Bovey to Devon and Cornwall Constabulary for alleged harassment, because he had sent him a few emails asking for him to pay the £30,000 he owes him in legal fees, after he unsuccessfully sued Chris for defamation and the judge ordered that Reynolds pays Chris’ legal bill

The latest legal hearing requested by Reynolds was to seek a High Court Injunction from the Royal Courts of Justice against Chris Bovey for alleged harassment. It should come to no surprise it was laughed out of Court and another £2,000 or so was added to Reynolds’ increasingly augmenting legal bill that he owes Mr Bovey.

Peter Reynolds Chris Bovey
One of the emails sent to Peter Reynolds, which resulted in a formal police complaint and an unsuccessful application for an Harassment injunction to be taken out against Chris Bovey. Reynolds never paid up, however, Chris donated £2,650 anyway towards the Grassroots film.

Chris’ Barrister Greg Callus argued that Reynolds’ hearing should be struck out as an Abuse of Process since the lawsuit had already been shut down and therefore the claim was no longer active, apart from for the purposes of pursuing costs. The judge agreed and struck it out as an Abuse of Process and made the observation he would have thrown it out anyway, as it had not been pleaded properly. Apparently, Reynolds begged the judge to be heard, but was met with a resounding no and the PRick was ordered to pay yet more legal costs to Mr Bovey, which we are informed were in the region of an extra £2,000, making the total owed now well in excess of £32,000.

The original costs awarded were £20,482.04, which was around 75% of what Chris paid in legal fees to defend the vexatious lawsuits. Reynolds’ refusal to pay up the money has lead to around another £12,000 being added to the bill in interest and from further vexatious hearings at the Court filed by Reynolds. Additional thousands are also owed in fees to the High Court Sheriffs Office who have been employed to recover the debt.

Reynolds was ordered to attend the Royal Courts of Justice on the 25th of August to be grilled about his finances by a Senior Costs Officer, due to his failure to pay a penny and his deliberate evasion of the High Court Sheriffs. He failed to show up at the Courtroom, instead just turning up in the actual building of the Royal Courts of Justice, claiming he couldn’t find the right Courtroom, even though it was clearly listed at the entrance and easy to find. Reynolds incredibly claimed he had fulfilled his obligation to turn up at Court and would only do so again if he were so ordered by the Court and that Chris paid his piss-take travel expenses again of £141 to get from Dorset to London.

To Peter John Reynolds. You must obey this order. If you do not, you may be sent to prison for Contempt of Court.
Reynolds ignores order from the Royal Court of Justice to attend Court for an examination into his incomes and assets.

He was indeed ordered to attend Court again on 27th October, although this time the Court paid his travel expenses, since they felt it would be unfair to expect Chris Bovey to pay them twice.

This time he actually turned up and pleaded poverty, claiming he was living on Job Seekers Allowance and Housing Benefit and that he did not have the money to pay. He found in excess of £15,000 in Court fees and solicitors bills in trying to get Chris arrested for crimes he did not commit and to unsuccessfully sue him for libel, acting as a Litigant in Person with no professional legal representation (only the help of his barrister son, Richard Reynolds), yet when it comes to paying Chris’ legal bill, as ordered by the Royal Courts of Justice (the very Court he took four activists to), Reynolds says he has no money and refuses to pay. What a lowlife.

This beggars belief that a convicted fraudster and conman like Reynolds should be able to abuse the Courts in such a way forcing people to spend tends of thousands of pounds in legal fees to defend vexatious lawsuits and then refusing to stump up the cash when they lose. Some of you may think why didn’t Chris ignore the looney, but had he done that, Reynolds would have got a judgement by default, which was the case for Greg de Hoedt who ignored the vexatious writ from Reynolds and ended up having to pay Reynolds a fiver in damages plus approximately £6,000 in Court and Sheriff fees and for time Reynolds could bill as a Litigant in Person at £18 / hour. We wonder if he declared that income to the dole office?

This is not the first time Chris Bovey has been the subject of false allegations to the police from Reynods.

Back in 2012, shortly after Chris left CLEAR after learning about Reynolds’ extreme right wing views, Reynolds reported him to Dorset police with a number of false accusations ranging from computer hacking, blackmail and theft. The investigation was subsequently closed after Dorset police found no evidence to support the malicious and false allegations. The decision not to prosecute Chris did not go down well with Reynolds who spent thousands employing a firm of solicitors to try to get the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPPC) to reopen the investigation. They were unsuccessful and Chris Bovey has never been arrested by the police following the malicious reports made to them by Reynolds. Personally we think he should be arrested himself for wasting police time.

Chris Bovey told Peter Reynolds Watch:

“I received a phone call from Totnes police, I initially thought it had been about the recent burglary of my home when someone entered the house earlier this month, while my family were upstairs, stealing a couple of expensive MacBook Pros and a few grand in cash. However, it was about Peter Reynolds, the officer who rang informed me that he had made a complaint against me for harassment, because I’d sent him a few emails containing colourful language asking him to pay me the fucking money he owes me and to contact the High Court Sheriffs who he knew full well were trying to get in touch with him and he had deliberately been hiding from.

“The police officer in charge of the investigation told me that every alleged crime reported had to be investigated and given a crime reference number, no matter how absurd the complaint was. However, he was quick to reassure me that the investigation was to be closed down, as in their view they did not consider a crime had been committed by contacting someone asking them to pay the £30k they owe in legal fees following an unsuccessful attempt to sue them.

“Of course I’m very angry that piece of shit Reynolds issued this vexatious lawsuit against me, which caused my family a great deal of stress, and now he is refusing to pay the huge legal bill that was racked up as a result of said vexatious lawsuit. Why the hell should I be tens of thousands of pounds out of pocket, because a racist certifiable loon issued a frivolous defamation claim against me that had no merit in law?

“The man is a lying unprincipled fucking cunt,” added Mr Bovey.

Reynolds subsequently asked for permission to appeal the judgement of Master Eastman, who threw out his original claim, however, that was firmly rejected by HHJ Holroyde last November. Reynolds has submitted an application for an oral hearing to be heard on 4th of November to attempt renew his application for permission to appeal, however, Chris informs us that his legal team are confident the Court will uphold the original judgements of both Master Eastman and HHJ Holroyd who considered it “impossible to argue” that the Master’s decision was a breach of the Claimant’s [Reynolds] Article 6 Rights.

Chris said “It looks like we will have to go down the road of bankrupting Reynolds if there is any hope of recovering any of my money. I may have to accept that I’ve lost tens of thousands of pounds, but still that is better than apologising to a racist homophobic grassing bigoted prick like Peter Reynolds.”

Chris Bovey facebook comment.
Reynolds reported Chris Bovey to the police for posting this on Facebook.

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