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Reynolds makes an arse of himself in Court (again)

Permission to Appeal denied again at Oral Hearing, the decision is final! 

Author: Kevin John Braid

We all know Peter Reynolds is no stranger to Courts, whether that’s being sent down for crimes of dishonesty or issuing vexatious lawsuits to critics of his racist and homophobic right-wing blogs.

Last week we revealed how he had reported NORML UK activist Chris Bovey to the police for sending him emails asking him to pay the tens of thousands in legal fees he owes him, as a result of his vexatious lawsuit and to contact the High Court Sheriffs who Reynolds has been playing hide and seek with.

In addition to reporting him to the police and sending numerous threatening emails to Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, demanding they immediately arrest Chris. He also unsuccessfully tried to seek a High Court Injunction against him that was literally laughed out of Court, with another couple thousand in legal fees added to the bill he has been ordered to pay.

Royal Courts of Justice
The Royal Courts of Justice in London.

Chris told us “I didn’t go to this hearing, as much as I enjoy watching that lunatic make an arse of himself in the Royal Courts of Justice, London is a bit of a pain for me to get to, so I left my lawyers and barristers to get on with it. They told me already it should be thrown out as an Abuse of Process of the Court, but they will never say for sure, so it’s good to know it went my way again.

“I’m not entirely sure what happened, apart from it was quickly dismissed on a number of grounds, ranging from the fact he introduced it as part of a claim that had already been shut down and once again had failed to observe the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) of the Court.

“You can read the Skeleton Argument prepared by Counsel, Greg Callus, which is full of boring legal terminology and as far as I can make out was a very expensive couple of pages of A4 saying the hearing shouldn’t have been listed in the first fucking place.

“Although, Reynolds has once again been ordered to pay the legal fees he has accumulated as a result of his vexatious lawsuits he likes to issue against me, that doesn’t help me much, since thus far he appears to be trying every trick in the book to get out of paying me a penny,” said Mr Bovey.

PRW has learned that Reynolds did finally turn up at the Costs Hearing he was ordered to attend by Master Howarth, after deliberately missing the previous one by pretending he couldn’t find the Courtroom and ludicrously attempted to claim he had fulfilled his legal obligations, because he was in the Court building that day. Er no Petey, if it was that easy to get out of turning up at Court appearances, I’m sure every criminal in the country would try that one.

Unfortunately for Chris, Reynolds has signed onto Job Seekers Allowance and Housing benefit. Apparently he has more or less told him and his lawyers to fuck off and they are not going to get any money out of him. What a lowlife he truly is to somehow find the money to spend thousands of pounds in Court fees to issue vexatious defamation lawsuits against four activists, yet when he loses, he refuses to take responsibility for his actions and pay the money he is legally obliged to pay, but then again what more should we expect from a vile confidence trickster like Reynolds.

His seeking of an Harassment Injunction with no legal basis in law wasn’t the only time Reynolds tried to play lawyers and barristers in the Royal Courts of Justice last week. Remember we reported last year that HHJ Holroyde had refused in writing to give Reynolds permission to appeal the original judgement of Master Eastman, who threw out his libel claim against Chris Bovey. As is the norm, any claimant can request an Oral Hearing within seven days of receiving the judgement, so rather unsurprisingly that is exactly what Reynolds did, even though the rejection was extremely robust and a massive rubber stamp to the original judgement of Master Eastman.

It is very rare for people to request such a hearing after being refused permission to appeal in writing, but Reynolds who seems unable to accept the simple fact he lost was determined to exhaust all legal avenues, no matter how hopeless his case was. Reynolds is also on record as to saying he was going to try to appeal just to cost Chris more money and wrote that “He stands not a snowball’s chance in hell of getting a penny from me!”

Reynolds boasts that he isn't going to pay Chris and was delighted to have cost him so much money.
Reynolds boasts that he isn’t going to pay Chris and was delighted to have cost him so much money. He later stated he was going to appeal to try to cost him more cash. Ironically, he also libels Chris, but unfortunately there’s not much point suing someone who hasn’t got any money.

The Oral Hearing took place in front of Mr Justice Warby on 4th November 2015, again Chris didn’t go, so we don’t have much information, only that it was refused and the decision is now final, there are no more legal avenues left for Reynolds.

Chris told us “I’d already been told by my law firm that in their opinion his application was insanity and was likely to be bombed out again, and that is exactly what happened.

“Again, I couldn’t be arsed to go all the way to London and I didn’t send any legal representatives myself since It would have been a waste of money, although I did ask Counsel to prepare this Skeleton Argument to assist the Court, due to the fact that Reynolds is a hapless fool acting as a Litigant in Person.

“Even though I knew he had no chance, it’s still a relief to know the proceedings are finally over, although to all intent and purposes they already were, now we move to enforcing the costs,” added Chris.

Peter John Reynolds: I know better than the law.
I know better than the law.

Reynolds’ Oral Hearing to renew his application for permission to appeal was heard in front of Mr Justice Warby, who as well as being a judge, is also a Q.C. who specialises in defamation law, among other things.

Fuck knows what Reynolds said to the Court at the Oral Hearing where he asked a judge to reject the original judgement of HHJ Holroyde and give him permission to appeal the verdict of Master Eastman?

Perhaps it was something along the lines of “Your honour, Mr Bovey said nasty wasty things about me on Facebook. Please let me have the right to force him to spend in excess of £250,000 in legal fees to defend a libel claim for comments that hardly anyone saw and were true anyway, even though I’m a clueless idiot with no professional legal representation who has no understanding of libel law or the Civil Procedure Rules of this Court, which in any case should only have to be strictly adhered to by everyone else apart from me.”

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  1. I think if he is living on JSA & Housing benefit, somebody should be asking the DWP where he is finding the money from to bring these court cases and appeals, and how he is managing to fit in his job search obligations too…

  2. I wonder will he try to sue anyone that called him low-life or for writing any other opinion of him or his own opinions.

  3. What a waste of money, I’m sorry Chris has been put to much expense to deal with this idiot Reynolds and his vexatious lawsuits, especially when I know he has already given thousands of pounds over the years to the UK cannabis campaign. I hope he recovers all of his money from the racist scumbag.

  4. Even by the PRick’s standards trying to obtain an harrassment order against someone you owe over £30,000 to after losing vexatious defamation lawsuits, has to be among the most stupid things he has ever done … what will be next from this racist piece of shit? He provides comedy for sure, but I feel sorry for all the people who are affected by the actions of this nasty spiteful cunt. Why do the Courts let him get away with it?

  5. Lucky for Peter Reynolds it’s free to call the police when grassing, as he does it so often his giro would be spent.

  6. Can’t even feel sorry for this fool losing his Mother and presumably his access to her funds. Chris will presumably be able to get the bailiffs on to him with success.

  7. has the filthy grassing racist pervert paid up yet?

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