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Reynolds grassing people up again

Peter Reynolds calls the police because people left rude comments on his right-wing racist blog. 

Author: Kevin John Braid

An interesting post came up this morning on my Facebook feed from Chris Bovey, the businessman who Peter Reynolds unsuccessfully sued for suggesting, along with hundreds of other people, he was a racist bigot.

As regular readers of this site will know, Reynolds lost badly and now owes Chris tens of thousands of pounds in legal fees that increased significantly following further vexatious applications to the court by Reynolds last year, which he was also ordered to pay the costs of.

Thus far, Reynolds has been hiding from the High Court Sheriffs, refusing to let Chris’ lawyers know his new address and not paid him a single penny of the money he legally owes him.

You’d think the stupid racist prick would be keeping a low profile, but alas he has no shame and rather than pay up the money he owes Chris, he’s been filing more malicious police reports on him demanding he is arrested.

We reported in the past how Peter Reynolds personally grassed up a number of medicinal cannabis users, which caused them great stress and worry. However, the person on the main brunt of Reynolds’ malicious reporting to the police is Chris Bovey. Reynolds made a number of false allegations against him to Dorset police back in 2012, even using a firm of solicitors to make a further complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), because Dorset police closed down the investigation as they found no truth in Reynolds’ absurd allegations. This too failed and Mr Bovey has never been arrested or charged in relation to any of the allegations made against him by Peter Reynolds.

I seriously had to blink my eye a couple times when I read Chris Bovey’s Facebook status on Sunday Morning. Apparently people have been leaving rude comments on Reynolds’ racist and bigoted blogs. Chris has been blamed by him for these comments and reported to the police demanding they arrest him and seize his computers.

I caught up with Chris for a quick chat to find out more. He told Peter Reynolds Watch:

“I was actually asleep when the policeman rang my mobile phone, slightly hungover, so I wasn’t fully taking in what he was saying. At first I thought Reynolds was accusing me of emailing him, however, I haven’t contacted the twat in ages and that was only to ask him to pay me the money he owes me.

“Turns out people have been leaving comments on Reynolds’ blog that he finds offensive and naturally he has blamed me. I don’t even visit his shitty right-wing blog since the very sight of the racist old bald bastard makes me feel physically sick.

“The policeman was perfectly nice and said I had not been accused of anything. He told me Reynolds had demanded I be arrested, my computers seized (they’re encrypted) and IP addresses traced. I denied any knowledge about this, so the policeman suggested if I did know who it was, could I ask them to stop, so I happily obliged and put up the status on Facebook telling the world what had happened and to specifically ask people not to leave any rude comments on the blog of Peter Reynolds, since he reads them and it upsets him.

“I’m still fuming about the ridiculous lawsuits he made against me and his refusal to pay the bill, yet he has the audacity to phone the police again making outrageous accusations against me. He should learn that I am not the only person on the planet who thinks he is a nasty horrible racist prick,” said Chris.

Even for Reynolds’ standards this is really a wow moment, whenever you think he cannot do anything more stupid, he duly obliges. No wonder the entire CLEAR executive recently resigned and left him on his own to sail the rudderless sinking ship CLEAR up shit creek without a paddle.


Reynolds Watch has seen copies of the judgements and transcripts of some of the vexatious applications he made to the Royal Courts of Justice last year deliberately just to cost Chris more money.

Last October, Reynolds tried to get a restraining order against him because Chris had sent a few emails using colourful language asking for the tens of thousands of pounds owed in legal fees to be paid. Reynolds had made the application to the Royal Courts of Justice under the libel claim that had already been struck out of Court in January of 2014 by Master Eastman, therefore there was no extant claim. Chris’ Counsel Greg Callus quickly persuaded Mr Justice William Davis to throw out the application since it would be an abuse of process to try and put forward a harassment claim in a defamation claim that had already been struck out of court.

You can read here the transcript of the hearing between Reynolds and Chris’ barrister, Greg Callus, and here is a copy of the judgement of Mr Justice William Davis who rejected the application. An extra £2,072.40 with interest was added to Reynolds’ increasingly augmented legal bill for that little silly stunt.

As well as making a vexatious claim for harassment, on November 4th 2014, Peter Reynolds made a unsuccessful application to Mr Justice Warby in an oral hearing to reopen his libel case and to overturn the decision of HHJ Holroyde to refuse permission to appeal Master Eastman’s original decision to strike out the claim.

Reynolds usually represents himself when he makes a complete dick of himself in the Royal Courts of Justice, however, this time he had pro-bono help from Mr Michael Polak, a newly qualified barrister who specialises in defending peadophiles, violent offenders and drink drivers.

Barristers Michael Polak and Richard Reynolds
Peter Reynolds’ crack pro-bono legal team, barrister Michael Polak (left) and his son, Richard Reynolds (right).

Having read the transcript of the hearing, I can see why the barrister Michael Polak did the work for free. It’s embarrassing to read, one wonders what was going through his mind when he hopelessly tried to argue in the Royal Courts of Justice that Reynolds should be given permission to appeal his libel case, because it was an abuse of his human rights for him to not be allowed to bring court proceedings without observing the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) of the Court.

Unsurprisingly, Mr Justice Warby was having none of Mr Polak’s argument, agreeing with both the original decision of Master Eastman to throw out the libel case and that of HHJ Holroyde to refuse Reynolds permission to appeal, as well as the skeleton argument put forward by Counsel, Greg Callus.

We have uploaded a copy of the transcript of Mr Justice Warby’s refusal to grant junior barrister Michael Polak’s plea to the Court to reopen his failed libel case.

So all that remains now is for the Sheriffs to find where Reynolds is hiding and get him to cough up the tens of thousands of pounds he owes in legal fees and interest added for non-payment. In the meantime, if you want to contact Peter, you can always leave a comment on his blog, since now we know he reads them, but please be polite and of course you can use Tor Browser if you do not wish your IP address to be revealed.

Skeleton argument by Counsel Greg Callus
Transcript of hearing between barrister Michael Polak and Mr Justice Warby
Judgement of Mr Justice Warby
Transcript of Peter Reynolds’ failed harassment application before Mr Justice William Davis
Transcript of judgement of Mr Justice William Davis

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  1. Considering that it appears that PRick is in contempt of court, and not only that, guilty of perjury due to lying to the High Court about his current address, couldn’t Chris ask the police for the address that PRick used to make this report, or at least ask them to pass on the address that PRick used to make this report to the High Court so that they will have the actual address that he is living at so that the High Court Sheriffs can then get him?

  2. Oh he’s an odious freak, this is the threatening type of behavior Jimmy Saville used to silence his victims, I’m starting to see very similar behavior patterns with PRick!

  3. If the filthy grass and pervert ends up in prison again, he will not get a nice time, nonces and grasses are the lowest of the pecking order inside.

  4. hiya just been barred from commenting on any posts on facebook,because ages n ages ago somewhere on fb i said peter was a bit of a nob.the said post is from so long ago i forget and don,t seem able to find it now.Can,t believe barred for this so long after the original post.must say tho does rather prove the point

    • They banned me for a week last Friday, I got shut down within 5 minutes , the answer is to follow him and complain bitterly to Facebook every time he says anything

  5. the possibilities regarding PR’s finances are interesting, because he HAD money to launch these idiotic campaigns…

    I would guess He’s hiding his money and claiming JSA/Housing so he can claim he cannot afford to pay the fees – That would be a serious offense of Benefit Fraud.

    Though to be fair, they should start taking £5 a week of his benefits to pay Chris back.

    Peter acts like he’s a senior politician, all he has to do is snap his fingers and the police will destroy his enemies, trouble is the establishment doesn’t quite agree with him, so he’s made a right prat of himself.

    I reckon it’s about time the police said “We’re gonna take a look at your finances” so we can get on with charging the real criminal instead of hearing about him wasting police time every time someone tells the truth about him online.

    Man’s a fucking joke.

  6. He had me banned from Facebook for calling him a disingenuous twat which in my book was a compliment considering who I was talking about

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