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Pervy Pete goes a bit Jimmy

Peter Reynolds is in town. Lock up your daughters

When the racist sexist bigoted leader of CLEAR, Peter Reynolds, first tried to nudge his way on to the UK cannabis scene, he did so on popular cannabis forum THTC talk, lying that he had been campaigning for cannabis law reform for 30 years.

He lied that he had been campaigning for cannabis law reform for 30 years and that he had submitted evidence to a Home Affairs Select Committee in 1978. Inquiries were made and the Home Office had no recollection of a report from Peter Reynolds, in fact there were not even any inquiries into cannabis in 1978.

Peter Reynolds is in town: lock up your daughters!
Peter Reynolds is in town: lock up your daughters!

He did however did give some usually honest advice, advising forum members to “lock up your daughters” since “Peter Reynolds was in town”. Those who have seen his dirty sex dating profiles asking for school girl types in pigtails or read regularly posted sexist comments and blogs should fully understand why they might want to lock up their daughters.

The kinky sex ads came to light after many people called Reynolds a hypocrite, as he had published a number of highly offensive homophobic blog, such as calling gay people perverts or complaining that British Airways employed homosexual stewards. The saying people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones came to mind. Reynolds was happy to write highly offensive homophobic blogs suggesting that gay people were perverted fools and models were anorexic because top fashion designers were all gay and wanted to dress female models up to look like young boys. Yet, Reynolds himself had posted hanky spanky ads on BDSM dating sites asking for submissive young girls in pigtails and school uniforms to gag for his spunk, alongside pics of his knob.

Peter Reynolds Cannabis Law Reform BDSM sex profile
Peter Reynolds whips his cock out on BDSM dating site alt.com.

Some of these ads date back to 2006 so are up to ten years old. Peter is now nearing 60, yet in the delusional world of Peter land, he thinks young ladies are attracted to him.

Reynolds posted recently on Facebook that as an older man he was getting an awful lot of friend requests from late teens, early twenties babies who are desperate for his attention

Peter Reynolds pervert.

Dream on Petey, attractive young women are not interested in a racist bald alcoholic loser on Job Seekers Allowance, take a look in the mirror old boy. Yet, I suppose a man who defended kiddy fiddler Jimmy Saville and Jeremy Forrest, the teacher who illegally ran off with his 15 year old student, would not have any grasp of reality.

A man who writes the most offensive racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic blogs, such as calling for Pakistan to be nuked or calling Jews evil and inferring they should not have been saved in the holocaust, but then thinks he can sue people for suggesting he is a racist bigot might be mentally ill enough from years of cocaine and alcohol abuse to actually believe young girls would find his ugly mug attractive.

Reynolds is in town

Nobody finds Peter Reynolds attractive, especially young girls in their teens. For once we agree with him, ladies be warned, stay away from this dirty old pervert and for sure our advice to any parents would be to lock up your daughters if Peter Reynolds is in a town near you.

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  1. Dirty old bastard. Wouldn’t want him anywhere near my kids.

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